Thursday, April 17, 2014

that's my girl

Say "hi" to Cocono...AKA, Cecilia Jane Menor. Why Cocono, you say? Well, you would have to ask her that. About 6-8 months ago Cece started introducing herself with this made up name that came directly from her own imagination. I think she said it to be funny one day and it stuck. So now when people come up to her and say, "what is your name?", she promptly answers, "I, Cocono".

People often look at me with confusion once Cece introduces herself as "Cocono". I then quickly correct her and explain that her name is actually, Cecilia but she likes to call herself Cocono. She was referring to herself with her made-up name so often that I felt the need to make sure that she actually knew her own name. After asking multiple times she would finally say, "tee-tee" (her way of saying Cece), which was promptly followed by her saying, "but I kind of Cocono". Oh, this child!

If there is one thing that Cecilia does not lack, it's personality. It just oozes from her. She marches to the beat of her own drum, does what she wants (most of the time) within reason, of course, and always keeps us laughing! As you can probably tell already Cecilia enjoys making up her own words. The fact that she decided to re-name herself did not really surprise us considering this child pretty much makes her own rules. This is Cece's world, and we are all just living in it. Along with her made-up name, Cece has created names for some of the other things she treasures most in her life. Let's start with her BFF...her babydoll named "Doh-Doh".

This soft, cuddly baby was given to Cecilia by her beloved babysitter, Holly on her first birthday. Until that time Cece did not have anything special she was attached blanky, or teddy bear. She just hadn't found that right lovey to drag around with her everywhere. Once this baby was given to her a special bond was formed that only continues to grow. Doh-Doh has gone everywhere and done everything with Cecilia since the day she came into her life.

Doh-Doh has been to California and Disney World, the park and swim lessons. She falls asleep clutching Doh-Doh in her arms each and every night and when she is sad, her baby is the first thing she asks for. Now, where the name "Doh-Doh" came from...well, your guess is as good as mine. Something popped into her head the moment she hugged her for the first time, causing her to settle on that name. As strange of a name it may be, I can't imagine Cece without Baby Doh-Doh in her arms.

Cece's made-up words don't stop there. Much to my disapproval she is still pretty attached to her paci, or her "wah-whoa". Luckily her dependency on it is has dwindled in recent months, mainly asking for it at bedtime or when she is tired. Again, why she chose to rename her paci, "wah-whoa"...couldn't tell ya. But come bed time all that child needs is her "Doh-Doh" and "wah-whoa", and it's sweet dreams for Cece!

And just when you thought you've heard it all there is one last word in Cecilia's personal vocabulary. As soon as she learned to speak she and her sister came up with their own word for their tushies. Any guesses what the settled on? Well, "boombah" of course! clue why, but I must's pretty cute. 

Even cuter is the fact that Cece is constantly flashing her "boombah", any chance she gets. There really is no cuter bottom to seeing running around the house each day. Someday this little girl will not be so comfortable with running around half naked, so for now I am just loving the innocence I see shining through. The one thing I do realize with all of these made-up words is that Cecilia is definitely her own little person. She doesn't always follow the "norm" and often goes her own way. And you know what...that is what makes her the special little person she is.

So we are approaching the middle of April and finally starting to see some above normal temperatures. But of course we still had to squeeze in one more mini snow storm in March. A very out of nowhere, unexpected snow storm that just about pushed us over the limit, considering the rough winter we had. Knowing that it just had to be the last time we would deal with sizable snow this season, the girls got their gear on and headed out for one last romp in the snow.

While most people started running for the hills come Spring Break, we stayed home. I couldn't blame them really, considering our weather, but with some fun little trips coming up this summer we thought it was best to keep it simple and not travel. It was a pretty uneventful week for them so we wanted to do something special for the girls before they started back to school. We finished off the week with some bouncy house and arcade fun. Just goes to show you, you do not need to go far to have a good time.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to spend these Spring and Summer months with my girls. Trips to the zoo, swimming, playing at the park...after the winter we had I plan to do as much as I possibly can outside with them. If there is one thing my girls know how to do it is enjoy everything to the fullest. Goodbye cold weather...bring on the sunshine and warmth!