Monday, November 06, 2017

back to school

Summer always seems to fly by, but we were doing our best to enjoy every second. When the girls weren't at the pool swimming with their friends they had plenty of other activities to keep them busy. For the past few summers Olivia and her friend, Aleah have attended a show choir camp. It's fun and allows them to tap into their artistic side. There is always a little performance on the last day, and as usual it was super cute!

When it's not crazy hot we try to swing by the zoo. Having the zoo pass gives us the ability to pop in anytime and not feel obligated to see everything each time we go. On this particular visit we were able to explore with just Cece. It's always nice to spend some time with just her and the zoo is one of her favorite places to go!

My Aunt Sue made a surprise visit this summer to visit the girls and also make a trip to Michigan to visit Nana Cleo. The girls and I took a long weekend and went down to Michigan as well. Lake Michigan in the summer time is a beautiful place to be! The first place we stopped once we got into town was the old fashioned candy store. It's one of the girl's favorite place to go whenever we visit. Next it was off to visit Nana Cleo. She may not remember the girls name's any longer, but her face just lights up when they walk into the room. She was thrilled to see them!

The next day it was all about the beach. The weather was perfect, the sand was warm, but the water was freezing! Didn't seem to bother the girls though. They played for hours while I relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine! What do you do after a day at the beach? Get ice cream of course! And you can't beat $1 ice cream cones!

We wrapped up a beautiful day with a walk by the beach while enjoying a beautiful sunset. The girls love visiting their Nana Cleo's house in Michigan. It's really is a lovely place, and it's only 3 hours away! The girls also love nothing more than a visit from Aunt Sue Sue, so between her days in Indiana and our weekend in Michigan they were able to spend lots of quality time with her.

Even though we were on a break from soccer for the summer the girls still had the chance to play together in the Shoot for a Cure tournament. This great tournament raises money for breast cancer and it's lots of fun. The girls rocked it out in their pink shirts and pink socks and played great together, for a great cause!

Every summer our city holds it's annual Three Rivers Festival. I typically do not have a great deal of interest in the festival, but I know the kids enjoy it so we took them down one evening to walk around and go on a few rides. I took Cecilia on the ferriswheel and she LOVED it. I must admit it was nice to see our city from up high and enjoy some time with my girl. Olivia went on some wild ride that I was glad to skip. I can take it or leave it with the festival, but the girls had fun so I am glad we went.

This past year the girls became very close with one of the older girls at the dance studio, Lauren. She also was a lifeguard at our pool this summer, so they saw her quite often. Lauren lives in our neighborhood and her Mom is also one of Cecilia's dance teachers. She is great with my girls and they love her. She was preparing to leave for college at the end of the summer and she offered to spend a special day with them and take them to the zoo before she left. They had a blast together and I was so touched that she was willing to do that. Seeing her leave for college was tough, but since we are close with her family we will see her often.

We were beginning to count down the final days of summer and preparing to head back to school. One of the things on our to-do list was to get Cece's eyes checked. She had an eye test at school and they suggested that we see an eye doctor. We took her for her appointment and the optometrist discovered she had astigmatism. I was not initially thrilled about her having to get glasses, but once I saw her in them that melted away. Not only is she super adorable in them, they make her look quite grown up! And according to her, she can see things so much more clearly now!

Not sure how we managed to go almost the entire summer without taking the girls to a TinCaps game, but somehow we forgot. Lucky for us we were invited to enjoy a game in one of the suites! As far as I am concerned it's the best way to enjoy a game. Not sure how much the girls were paying attention to the game, but Olivia snagged a photo with Johnny TinCap and Cecilia ended the evening with her face in the popcorn bowl, so I think fun was had by all.

With only a few days left before heading back to school it was time to squeeze in as much last minute fun as possible. The annual "day out with Nana" included lunch downtown, a visit to Science Central and some shopping. It's hard to see the summer come to an end, but I think the girls were ready to start the new school year.

Olivia was off to school first. Not only was she starting 5th grade, but she was moving into a different wing of her school...the middle school wing. At her school 5th-8th is considered Middle School. So gone are the days of a single teacher for the entire year. She would be moving from class to class all day with many different teachers. Although she was a tad nervous, she was more excited than anything. This kid can handle anything that is thrown her way, so I knew her first day would be a success. And of course, it was!

The next week it was Cece's turn to head back to school. She also faced a few changes this year with a new teacher and a new classroom. At Cecilia's school first graders are in the lower elementary room with kids in 1st-3rd grade. She would be one of the youngest in her class, but she was ready to tackle her new school year, glasses and all!

Although it was sad to see our summer come to an end, the girls were happy to be back and school and I was looking forward to seeing what exciting things would be coming their way. Goodbye to lazy summer days and hello to busy schedules once again!