Wednesday, April 18, 2018

goodbye 2017

With the holidays behind us it was time to find some things to help pass the time during the cold and dreary winter days. Before saying goodbye to 2017 Olivia played in the annual New Year's 3v3 soccer tourney with some of her teammates. This is a fun one day tournament with face paced mini games which we do each year. The girls played hard and to top it off Olivia and her team won their age division! Cheers to that!

We welcomed 2018 pretty uneventfully, but excited for a year full of fun things for the girls. First up, a couple of dance performances at two local basketball games. These performances are great practice as they are usually the first time the girls debut their newest dances. With competition just around the corner these performances serve as great "run-throughs". It's also a chance to debut the new costumes!

Before heading back to school from winter break, Olivia and her pal Aleah attended the Beasley Soccer Camp. They do his camps every summer and winter, and every so often he makes an appearance. He's still playing professionally so he isn't always available, but when he is he always makes a point to show up. So of course Olivia wasted no time getting her shoe autographed and snapping a photo with the Beaz!

Cecilia was able to enjoy one of her Christmas presents in January when her Dad took her to Shopkins Live! She had been looking forward to this show for weeks. She has a mild obsession with Shopkins so she could hardly wait to put on her Shopkin clothes and head to the show! She even ran into her pal, Sophie a fellow Shopkins fan! She loved the show and continues to love her Shopkins!

Olivia was also received a pretty awesome Christmas gift from her Dad which we enjoyed in February...Dancing with the Stars Live! Todd got her and I tickets for the show with special VIP access! I took Olivia a few years ago when the show came to town and we loved it! She still follows the show with me, so when we heard the tour was coming back to town her Dad could not resist getting her tickets and a chance to meet some of the stars!

At the VIP meet and greet a few of the pros came out and mingled with everyone. Olivia was super excited to meet Jenna, a pro that has been on the show for a few years. With her was Morgan, a newer member of the show. They both took time to talk to Olivia, which was sweet. It was the first time I have seen Olivia star-struck. I think she was amazed to see some of the people she watches on TV in person!

Soon after that we went in for our official photo op with more of the stars. This was the highlight for Olivia. She was able to meet the winner of last year's show...Jordan Fisher. He gave her a wink and called her "cutie". That was it...she was in heaven! I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see some of these people up close and personal. They are all pretty amazing dancers and darn good looking people too! The meet and greet was a cool experience for Olivia and it left a smile on her face for the rest of the night!

All of this fun and we still had the show ahead of us! It didn't disappoint either. Our seats were great and the dancing was even better! Olivia and I had a blast that night and I think it is something she will remember for a long time. I have been watching Dancing with the Stars with her for many years, so it was cool to share this with her once again! I am sure we will go back next time the tour comes to town!

Next up was Valentine's Day! The girls love this holiday so we make it all about them. Of course we had to continue our tradition of making heart shaped pizzas. We have done this every year for as long as I can remember. Each year as the girls grow older their pizzas turn out better and more delicious! No help was needed this year and I think they looked pretty good! They tasted just as good too! 

I cannot think of anything I would rather do than spend Valentine's Day, a day all about love, with my family...the people I love most in the whole world! How can your heart not be full of love when you look at these precious faces each and every day! 

Although we have managed to have some fun this winter we are more than ready for Spring to show up so we can get outside and enjoy some fresh air. It is hard to believe that in a few short months we will be wrapping up another school year and heading into summer!