Tuesday, August 08, 2017

school's out!

It's May and school is close to wrapping up, but there's lots to do before hanging up the backpacks and throwing on the swimsuits. Our last big soccer tourney of the season took place in Indianapolis and it was a fun one. Olivia went down the first day with Aleah and her family and I drove up the second day (on my birthday) to join her and watch her and her team win a big game!

The girls played so hard and wrapped up a season full of hard work and passion. There were many ups and downs, but Olivia had fun and learned a lot. A well deserved break from soccer was on the way, one that must be enjoyed while it lasts because it never lasts long. One thing is certain, Olivia loves to play soccer and loves the friendships she has made along the way!

One thing our girls look forward to every Spring is the opening our of zoo. We love going to the zoo each year and because my Aunt always buys us a annual zoo pass we go many times. Our first visit was especially fun as we got to see all of the changes that were made since last year. This was one of many fun trips to the zoo this season!

As Olivia's first year at her new school was coming to a close she was preparing for one of the biggest events of the year. In 4th grade the musical is part of the curriculum so she is required to participate. Each 4th grade class put on a short play dealing with the importance of telling the truth. Olivia's class did Pinocchio and she played a fox. She practiced very hard the production was very impressive!

Following the show the school put on an amazing after party for the kids. Olivia not only got to stay for the after party but also got to spend the night at her school with a few of her friends. It was the perfect way to wrap up weeks of hard work and a pretty awesome first year at a new school!

Cece has been working hard too. In fact she has been working hard all year in her gymnastics class and was able to show us everything she has learned in her big showcase. This girl has been doing gymnastics for awhile and in the past few months she has really started to show improvement. She is starting to master more difficult elements and her coordination is so much stronger. I am proud of his little firecracker!

Olivia had a cool opportunity this summer to be a ball girl for the new Fort Wayne United Gryphons women's soccer team. For a couple of games she stood on the sidelines and helped with the ball while watching some pretty good soccer. These older girls know their stuff and I think Olivia learned something from them. Not to mention it was just a cool experience!

It's been a great year for both girls at school. Since Cecilia was wrapping up Kindergarten and preparing to move in the Lower Elementary room at her school we were invited to a "moving up" ceremony. They came down one at a time to receive their certificate and flower. There was a look of pride on my little girl's face that morning, and that feeling crossed over to me as well.

The staff at Cecilia's school is a big reason why she has been so successful there, and it is the main reason we stay. The directors of the school have always treated my girls with such kindness, and Cecilia's kindergarten teacher helped her grow so much in the course of one year. We are so grateful for everything Peace Montessori has given both of our girls over the years.

With the "moving up" ceremony out of the way, it was time to enjoy the official last day of Kindergarten! The class had a trip to the zoo planned, so it was such a relief to have an absolutely gorgeous day outside! Kindergarten was a success, and I cannot wait to see what 1st grade has in store for this crazy girl!

Olivia's school was one of the last schools to dismiss for the summer. She had a fabulous 4th grade year at her new school, but she was more than ready to kick off her summer! I spent the morning with her as she said goodbye to the lower school and prepared to enter the middle school. (At Canterbury 5th grade is considered middle school)

The morning kicked off with a farewell to 4th grade. The teachers read their prophecies for each student and then walked them down to the middle school wing for their official transition. Olivia was sad to say goodbye to her 4th grade teacher, but she was so grateful to him for helping to make her transition to a new school so seamless. Olivia made some really great pals this year and is looking forward to diving into 5th grade with them next year! Oh, and to end things on a super high note...Olivia won the Integrity Award for the last term (her second time winning that particular award this school year). Sort of proud over here!

So with school officially over it was time to hit the pool! During the summer we have two pools we frequent. Most of the time we go to the pool in my Mom's neighborhood. The girls have friends that go to that pool and it is just across the street from where we live. Our other option is my brother in law's pool. The girls could swim every single day and not get sick of it, so between the two options we always have a way to keep cool in the summer.

We are looking forward to a break from our normal routine for a few months. The girls will still have plenty to keep them busy, but having a few free nights here and there is very much welcomed! Hello summer!!!