Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Art of Registering

After putting it off for quite awhile Todd and I finally decided to dive into the task of registering for baby stuff. From the day we found out we were having a baby we would occasionally peek at all of the baby things in various stores...just to get an idea of exactly what would be required in order to take care of this little person.
One day we decided to go into Babies "R" Us and look around. We had always heard that it was the "One Stop Shop" for all things baby...and that could not be more true. Problem is that place can also be extremely overwhelming for someone who has never done this before...and that was exactly how we felt. Only minutes after entering the front doors of Babies "R" Us my head starting spinning. I think we were in the store for a total of 5 minutes before I had to get out of there, out of fear that my head might explode! I had no idea how many different things they made for babies! For each item that is needed there are at least 10 varieties. I started asking myself, "How do I know which kind to get?" and "Is one brand better than the other?". It was just too much to handle that early in the game.
So now that I am half way through the pregnancy Todd and I decided to take the plunge and just get it over with. We planned ahead this time and enlisted the help of our good friend Korrie. She has been through this two times before so I knew she would be able to make some good suggestions and recommendations. What a life saver! Together the three of us made our way through that store like we were pros! It was a very stress-free experience and now can we check one more thing off of our "getting ready for baby" list. Although the store was a little overwhelming at first I know it will be a place that we will visit often.
So for anyone that has yet to be required to register for baby stuff I have one suggestion for when the time comes...take someone with you that knows their stuff! With a little guidance from a friend and between Babies "R" Us and Target I think we will have found all that we will need to get ready for Baby Menor!


Wormie said...

I checked our your registry, and I just love the stuff you chose for the nursury! The little frogs are so cute and the yellow and green are bright and cheery!

florida said...

Jess, I completely understand how you feel... I remember walking in to Toys r us/Babies r us, and John zapped almost everything he saw. The list was outrageous. :) I'm glad you and Todd have a friend who could help, I think the frogs,yellows & greens are great! Keep up the good work, hang in there.