Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Starting to Kick

Well as of today I am 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Things are continuing to go very well. No complaints! As you can see my belly is growing more and more each day. Even better...I have started to feel movement. Last week was the first time I began to feel something strange. I was not sure what it was at first, but I had a pretty good feeling. It became more and more frequent as the week went on and now this week it is very apparent that the baby is quite active. It is most active late at night. While lying in bed earlier this week I could tell that the baby was moving quite a bit. It was so noticeable to me that I thought it might even be noticeable to Todd also. He put his hand on my stomach and within seconds he felt something. It was amazing! I thought it might be too early for someone other than me to be able to feel the baby move, but I must have been wrong! So our little one is very busy these days. It is so amazing to know that this little person is just getting stronger and stronger each day!

We will be getting an ultrasound next month, about 4 weeks from now. We are still planning on not finding out the gender. I am sure it will be difficult once we are actually in the middle of the ultrasound...the temptation to find out will be huge, but we are going to be strong!
Well that is all for now. Things are good and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby Menor!


Wormie said...

We're very excited about Baby Menor, and can't wait to hear more about him/her.
It must be so wonderful to feel those little feet and elbows moving around inside!

So glad that you're feeling well!!!

Aunt Delia

Kim and John said...

Have the tech write the gender down and put it in a sealed envelope. Then give it to someone to hold on to. It will be fun to see if it is right after the baby is born.
I still say you're having a boy.
Great blog, by the way!!!!

Larry said...

Wow, You have grown in 4 weeks. Glad to hear you are feeling well. Best regards to Todd.

JQPurdue said...

Too Cool! This is a great idea as a means for keeping everyone updated. Jess we can really see the difference between 16 and 20 weeks.
Choosing to wait and find out te sex wll be difficult, but definately worth it.