Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two Month Mark

Baby O is two months old...and boy is she growing! We had our two month check-up at the pediatrician on Friday. I was very much looking forward to this appointment as there were some things that we desperately needed to discuss with the doctor. In the past week Olivia has become extremely fussy and seems quite uncomfortable at times. Usually the only time she is happy and smiling is right after she eats. Then about 30 minutes later the fussiness begins. After soothing her and getting her to fall asleep I am lucky if I can get a half hour nap out of her. After that she wakes up and usually fusses until her next feeding. That makes for some really long days. Based on all of our observations the doctor concluded that she may be having some troubles with acid reflux. So we started her on Zantac to help with the problem. Hopefully this will make Livie a happier baby and improve her naps!

So as you can see this past week was a difficult one. With my mom being out of town for the whole week I did not have much help during the day. She returned on Friday (thank goodness!) and took Olivia for the afternoon so I could take a long nap...which I needed so desperately. She also watched her quite a bit on Saturday so I could catch up on some things I had neglected this past week. Needless to say I am one lucky girl to have a mother so willing to help! I think, Livie and I needed a break from each other as our frustration levels were sky high this week. But we seem to be doing a little better now. She has been sleeping a little more over the past couple of days and I hope that continues!

But aside from the acid reflux Livie got a clean bill of health. She is growing beyond expectations! She weighs close to 13 lbs. now and is the 90th percentile. She has also added 3 inches on to her length putting her in the 75th percentile! Way to go Livie! So I am comforted knowing that she is very healthy and growing like a weed! She does so well with her head and neck control. She still needs some help from time to time but she almost has it under control. Here she is in her bumbo seat. We plan on getting more use out of this in the weeks to come...
I knew that this mom thing was going to be hard...but I never knew just how hard! But all of the sleepless nights and frustrations are all worth it. We are so lucky to have our little Livie!


Anonymous said...

Little Livie gets cuter each time I see pictures of her. Glad to hear her doctor's visit went well and that she is now on medicine. I hope this all helps. Parenthood, as you are finding out is the most rewarding and frustrating thing in the world and you have no idea until you do it...She is a doll and I wish I could see her more...give her many kisses from Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

What Sue said! She is more and more beautiful in every picture - and that's hard to believe!

This is the hardest time, when she's so tiny and needy and can't tell you what is going on, but it's also such a wonderful time of growth and exploration. Things will get easier!

I hope that the reflux meds help! Get rest when you can and give that little one a big hug from her Aunt Delia!

Aunt Chris said...

She is so precious. I can't believe how fast she's growing. She is the cutest. Looks like a me if you need a break...I can pace the floors at a pretty good speed.