Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cute as a Button

So many much work! Since we had Baby O the cute and adorable outfits have been pouring in from everyone! Every outfit that we get is cuter than the one before. Between all of the gifts we have received and the things that Todd and I just could not resist buying ourselves, I think Olivia has a full wardrobe until she reaches 18 months!

I never knew that having a baby girl would be so much fun! But although the outfits are adorable they are a pain in the butt to get on a tiny baby! Trying to get the child dressed in anything but a sleeper is a huge chore and not one that she has much patience for either. But we do it anyway because she is cute as a button in her little outfits.

Another thing I was not expecting was for her to grow out of her clothes so quickly. Since she has gained weight quicker than we could have ever imagined she is ahead of the curve when it comes to the size of clothes she should be in. We are finding that although she is only three months old, the six month clothes fit her just fine. If she keeps this up she is going to be ahead of the seasons and all of the clothes that we have won't fit her during the proper time of year!

A few quick updates...Olivia just got over her first little case of the sniffles. She handled her first cold like a champ. The poor little thing had a terrible time breathing for a few days. And she was not too fond of her mommy constantly putting the bulb syringe up her nose to suction all of the crap out, but she handled it very well. I think she is pretty much over it now.

We are also having a little bit of a daddy dilemma. For the past couple of weeks Olivia has decided that she does not want much to do with her daddy. Every time he would hold her or try to play her with she would throw a huge fit. Needless to say this hurt Todd's feelings more than you could imagine. But he does understand that it is just a phase and she will eventually get over it. We were just surprised that she is going through this so early. I guess that is a sign that she is very advanced for her age! He has started doing special things with her to try and get her to be more comfortable spending time with just him. He gives her baths and they play together. She seems to enjoy these activities and we hope that little phase will pass quickly!

She is also starting to grasp her toys and play with her rattles. She does seem to be more enthralled with her hands right now, but she is starting to realize that all of these toys make great sounds and are quite fun to play with! New things keep happening each and every day!


GrannyJude said...

Olivia is a Fashion Diva! She looks gorgeous in her outfits. I especially like the bubble skirt from Auntie Korrie. She will cost me a fortune, but buying Livie outfits is one of my favorite things to do.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had such a wardrobe...she is a little diva. She is just too cute I enjoy the seeing the pictures of her so much but it also makes me sad because I want to see her so much, she needs hugs and kisses from Aunt Sue Sue..xxoo