Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pool Party!

Today Olivia took her first swim! And oh what fun it was! We have been waiting to get her in the water for some time now. I think we picked out her bathing suit in the winter...anticipating the fun we would be having at Aunt Chris and Uncle VJ's pool this summer.

As I have mentioned before, Todd's Dad is visiting from Hawaii. He has been here for about three weeks and will be leaving soon. As a celebration of his visit, Todd's brother, VJ, decided to throw a cookout and swim party today! Almost all of Todd's family attended, except for his Mom and one nephew who are back in Hawaii. My Mom came along as well...(did you think she would miss seeing Olivia in her bikini for the first time?)

Olivia had an entire swim ensemble to show off at the pool party! She was matching from head to toe. She had her ladybug bikini and matching cover-up. She also had ladybug sandals and a red and white sun hat to top it off! She was just oozing cuteness! She came ready to swim and we did just that!

Up until now Olivia has only been in her kiddy pool at home. I have noticed that if the water is too cold when I put her in it she expresses her displeasure by crying immediately. I was worried that she would react the same way once we got her in the big pool. We thought it would be easier to just toss her in and let her figure it out on her own.'s sink or swim...right?

Ok, you didn't think I was serious...did you? We want Olivia to love being in the water so we did it right and took our time. The water was a little chilly at first but she didn't even flinch. We eased her in and once she was used to it we put her in her special float. It was fun watching her experience this for the first time. She loved every second of it!

We floated around for awhile and then decided to take a break as Livie's little fingers and toes were starting to prune. That is when all of Olivia's crazy cousins jumped in and starting goofing off. She was quite entertained just watching them from the sidelines. Although I think she would have loved to be in the middle of it all. After lunch Olivia took another dip...this time swimming around with her Uncle VJ. He kept going under the water and popping up. She loved that game and would look over the side of the float every time he would disappear.

It was a day full of fun and sun! But all of the excitement caught up with Livie and she finally surrendered to her exhaustion. Being a sun-bathing beauty is hard work!

We are so happy that she likes the pool and was not scared by the whole experience. Thanks to Uncle VJ and Aunt Chris for throwing such a wonderful family gathering. It is so great to be surrounded by such loving family. Olivia is one lucky baby! We are looking forward to many more fun times at the pool this summer.


Anonymous said...

Olivia in a bikini! Now that is true beauty! What a sight. Olivia is a lucky girl to have so many fun family members who pay attention to her. She loves her cousins and aunts and uncles. Great party V.J. & Chris!

Anonymous said...

She is by far the most beautiful bathing beauty ever!! I love the matching outfit, the pictures are too cute....she looks so happy and you can tell she loves the water....miss you Livie!!
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Aunt Chris said...

She is just too darn cute for her own was wonderful to have the whole family together. Can't wait to do it again...and glad your mom came too...hope it wasn't too much craziness for her!! (LOL)

Wormie said...

she is too precious, and that photo of her with Uncle VJ is amazing!
Auntie Delia