Friday, October 19, 2007

Pickin' Out Pumpkins

It's that time of year! Although it is still quite warm outside it is in fact Fall...and Halloween is quickly approaching. We took Olivia to her first pumpkin patch last week to pick out her first pumpkin. A local church, just a few seconds from our house, sets up a cute little pumpkin patch each year. We thought this would be the perfect place to take her. She even wore her cute pumpkin t-shirt...very appropriate!
She was quite taken with these big, orange objects. Just another example of how much I love watching her experience things for the first time! There were pumpkins of all sizes to choose from. She liked the big ones but the small ones were easier for her to get her hands on. They called the small ones "spookies". Here is Olivia with the "spookie" she picked out...

As we made our way around the pumpkin patch we came across a cute little pumpkin cut-out. Olivia was more than happy to stand behind the cut-out, morphing into the cute little pumpkin she is! She is such a ham!

I think Olivia enjoyed her first pumpkin picking experience. But then again Olivia enjoys everything she does for the first time! Soon we will leave for our trip to Arizona. A few days after we get back it is Halloween! Olivia is going to be a Ladybug...I can hardly wait! And a few days after that she turns one! The next few weeks are going to be a blast! I will be sure to keep you updated!


Wormie said...

She's adorable!!! In that first photo, I think she looks a big like Grandma Judy!!!!

Have a GREAT trip!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Delia is right, Olivia is looking more and more like Nana as she gets older. Her pumpkin pictures are too cute...I can't wait to see her in her ladybug costume. Have fun in Arizona.
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Erin said...

What a cutie- too bad her pumpkin shirt wasn't showing as much skin as the other day! ;)

Have a nice trip!

Kim and John said...

Arizona??? I think this child is one very well traveled child for her first year! Cali, new york, arizona-all of these amazing places! She is getting so big!