Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more to brag about

Ok, I have to brag just a little bit more about Olivia's recent photo shoot for Matilda Jane Clothing. She was featured on another post on the MJC blog yesterday. Yep, that's Livie's tush you see above. To see a few more pics and hear what people think about her chubby knees, check out this post. Again, all of these great pics are thanks to the amazing Betsy!

She has also been added to the online Look Book, featuring the 2008 Home Grown Collection. You can see Olivia's photos as well as all of the other adorable children modeling the adorably cute and unique MJC designs. These clothes rock!

So I think it's possible that Olivia's small taste of the modeling world has gone to her head. Ever since the day of the shoot she has requested to wear her sunglasses whenever we leave the house. It doesn't matter if the sun is shining or not...she wants to wear them. The funny thing is that she actually leaves them on! I think we have a true diva on our hands! Who knows what she will be requesting next! Doesn't she look like a little rock star? No autographs please! Cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

Olivia just entertains me constantly. She overflows with personality and enthusiasm for life. The girl has true spirit!

Anonymous said...

What famous kid is this? She looks like a true star. She has Suri and Shiloh beat in the cutest department by a mile. I love that she loves to wear hats and sunglasses, most kids that age don't, just too cute.
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

That middle picture is a new favorite (to add to my LONG list of favorites!) She's so so cute!

Love, Aunt Delia

Erin said...

What a little dolly- she was perfect for the MJC's homegrown shoot. I love that she now wants to wear her sunglasses- hahah!!!