Saturday, April 11, 2009

we've got spirit...yes we do!

Olivia has been a busy bee the past few weeks. Last week gave us a bit of a break from all normal activities since it was Spring Break. She did not have school, tap class or swimming class. She spent most of her days at Mama Kay's house (her babysitter) and got to spend one special day with Daddy. They went out to breakfast, the library, the mall (to ride the carousel) and finished with some play time at an indoor playground. She had a great time on her "special day" and has been talking about it ever since.

The week before Spring Break was "spirit week" at school. Since Olivia only attends school three mornings a week she did not get to participate in all of the days, but she did get to participate in "crazy hair day", "pajama day" and "hat day". Crazy hair day was not a stretch for us at all. As you have seen in my past posts, Olivia's hair is out of control lately. I knew that all we would have to do is just wake up and go that morning. I did spend a few minutes teasing it even more so that her frizzy afro would be especially crazy that day. She thought it was hilarious and she spent the day walking around telling people, "I have CRAZY hair!". Problem was she more or less looked the same as she does every day!

Pajama day was fun too. She did not understand why she was wearing her jammies to school but she did not mind. She loves these Elmo jammies and was super excited to show them off to her friends. Look how cute she is in her jammies and piggies!

Hat day finished off the week. Olivia is not a huge fan of hats. She will wear them, but not for long periods of time. I had no problem getting her Elmo hat on her in the morning, especially since she knew she would be able to show it off to all of her friends at school.

We also recently attended our Goddaughter's 4th birthday party at Science Central. Emily is Todd's best friend, Jason's daughter. Even though Emily is 4 years old Olivia is still totally enthralled with her. So when we told her we were going to Emily's birthday party and that the party was going to be at a really fun place she had never been before, she was pretty stoked!

She was by far the youngest child at the party, but that did not matter. Olivia enjoyed every second of being around those kids. They had some time to run around before the party started and that gave Olivia some time to explore with us. Most of the exhibits at Science Central are too complex for her to understand at this age, but she sure had fun pushing all of the buttons and checking things out.

Once it was time for the party to officially start they took us to a private room where the kids could make some artwork with bubbles and enjoy some cupcakes and homemade ice cream (YUM!). Olivia was happy just chasing after the older kids and doing whatever they were doing.

The parents took a moment to get all the kids together for a picture. These pictures crack me up because it shows just how silly kids are at this age. Olivia looks like a deer in headlights in most of these pictures. Don't ask why she has her hands down her pants in the last picture...I have no idea! I do know that it is not very ladylike and I made sure to let her know!

After cupcakes, ice cream, artwork and presents the kids were free to explore the museum. We immediately took Olivia to the toddler area because we knew she would enjoy it the most. She loved the water table. Things were going great until she attempted to climb onto the table. She proceeded to get one pant leg completely drenched, which resulted in her demanding to be changed right away. Thank goodness I brought along an extra pair of pants!

She was also pretty excited about the twisting slide. The fact that she could go down the slide all by herself made her pretty proud. It took some coaxing on my part, but once I convinced her to do it she could not get enough. Finally it was time for us to go. Nap time was quickly approaching and I knew that she would only have so much steam left before she crashed, resulting in a gigantic meltdown. She had a wonderful time at the party and has been talking about it ever since. No time to rest as we have another birthday party today. Olivia's cousin Brendan is turning 8 and his party is going to be at Gymnastics in Motion! Olivia loves nothing more than a birthday party. And when the party is held at a fun place it makes it even more exciting for her.

Olivia's spirit continues to shine through everything she does. Each experience she has seems to be the best thing she has ever done. She even attended the dentist this past Monday and left saying, "Mommy, that was fabulous!". What 2 year old goes to the dentist and leaves saying that it was fabulous? I was just proud of her for not crying for the first time. She actually let the dentist look in her mouth without freaking out. I think that knowing she was going to be getting a new toothbrush was her main incentive. All of her baby teeth are in, for the most part. The fused tooth she has on the bottom is just fine and now we just have to wait for it to fall out around the age of 5. At that time we will know what we are dealing with regarding the permanent tooth. Hopefully they will all come in just fine.

Hope everyone was a wonderful and blessed Easter. I know Olivia is looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny. She has requested one thing only...M&Ms. We have family visiting and each year we attend Easter dinner at the home of our close family friends. Between family, Easter egg hunts and M&Ms I know Olivia will have a wonderful time.


Wormie said...

How fun!
I just love her hair up in pig-tails, and those jammies are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the "piggy tails", however, I do not see much difference in her hair for "Crazy Hair Day", from her everyday hair...which can be very crazy.

Anonymous said...

I love the Elmo P.J.'s I wish I had some...Pigtails on her are just too cute and she needs to wear them more. She has a very busy and fun life, very lucky little girl...
Aunt Sue Sue

Tiffany Leininger said...

I love the pictures of Olivia! She's just so cute. It sounds like she is doing great and getting so big. I enjoy seeing all the things she does in school. How fun!


Anonymous said...

To Aunt Sue, Sue,
Since you are very small, I just may be able to find you some Elmo P.J.'s. I would love to see you in them.
Your loving sister.

Anonymous said...

Gee um thanks loving sister...yes I probably could fit in the P.J.'s will you get me some soon please...
Love Aunt Sue Sue