Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mommy love

Somehow the days have passed me by and I am facing the eve of my baby's 1st birthday. This year has slipped by quicker than I could have ever imagined. Cecilia and I definitely went through some difficult times in the beginning, but now things are smooth sailing and this little creature is bringing me more joy than I ever expected. We just celebrated Mother's Day so I was able to reflect on just how blessed I am to have these two amazing girls in my life!

The weekend started with a lovely Mother's Day luncheon at Olivia's school. The kids spent a great deal of time preparing their gifts for all of us and could hardly contain their excitement. It was nice spending some one on one time with Olivia and meeting some of her little friends. Olivia's school is an amazing community of teachers and students, and I am proud that my little girl is a part of it. This school has helped to shape Olivia into the wonderful little person that she is today and I am lucky to be her mother.

Mother's Day fell on the same weekend as our association garage sale, so by the time Sunday rolled around I was exhausted. We all went to church together that morning and spent the rest of the day working in the yard. I know...that does not sound like a relaxing way to spend the day, but we had a garden that was not going to plant itself. My Mom came over and helped me get the veggies in the ground and my very patient husband put the fence up. It was a big job, but we got it done. Olivia ran off to a friend's house and Cecilia hung out with us in her baby pool for a bit. She spent more time trying to crawl out of it, but had a some fun nonetheless. I was surrounded by those that I love the most that day and that was all I needed to have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Lady Cecilia is a baby on a mission. Her mission is to explore her world by getting into anything and everything. She is a very curious little thing, but not in a naughty way. But just like with any 10 month old baby we do have to keep an eye on her at all times. So far we have not had to put up any baby gates or put locks on our doors or drawers. My goal is to keep it that way. She does have full range of our Tupperware drawer. She keeps herself very busy making a massive mess, while I am busy in the kitchen. On a good day she can clear out that drawer in minutes!

This child is growing up entirely too fast, right in front of my eyes! Here is a rundown of all she can do at 10 1/2 months. She waves bye-bye, does "SO big", claps and plays patty-cake, blows kisses, gives kisses and hugs and dances along to music. She can walk while holding on to her little push car and has been working on standing without help. She pulls up on everything and will climb over anyone and anything to get what she wants. Everything she does, she does with a big smile on her face. There's no doubt about it...this is one happy baby. Most mornings when I walk into her room this cutie pie is waiting for me. This talented girl can smile with a paci in her mouth!

So in just over a month my sweet girl will be turning one. I am still trying to wrap my head around that idea. I have been doing a pretty good job of soaking it all in this time around. Knowing that this is our last baby has made me slow down and enjoy every second of these early months. I find myself looking ahead to the days when Cecilia is no longer my little baby, and I get sad. She has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. When Olivia was born I thought it would impossible to ever love another little person as much as I loved her. I am amazed by just how much love I have for both of my girls and I know the feeling is mutual when I get showered with sweet little kisses and tight hugs.

Luckily Olivia is still just as enamored with her sister as she has been from day one. She is always willing to play with her, even though Cece only wants to destroy her toys. She takes times to show her things, tell her stories and help her when needed. Olivia was especially excited to take her sister to the zoo for the first time this season.

We took Cece a few times last year, but she was only months old at the time. We made it a point to get to the zoo as soon as it opened for the season. Cecilia enjoyed the afternoon strapped to her Daddy's back. We didn't have time to see the whole zoo, but that is the joy of the zoo pass. We can go back anytime, and often as we like throughout the season. I am excited to create many fun memories with my girls at the zoo this summer!

My goal this summer is to enjoy my girls to the fullest. Stop and enjoy all of the little things. You know...the things that we often take for granted. I am going to take in every smile and giggle, watch my girls play together, while Cecilia experiences things for the first time. I am so incredibly blessed to be the mother of these two amazing girls. Next up...Cecilia's 1st birthday!


Wormie said...

It's hard to comprehend how time flies! The last time I saw all of you, Cece was just an infant. She's so big now, and Livie just gets more and more delightful!

Hope to see you all soon!
Aunt Delia

Susan said...

I can't believe it either..where did the last year go..I missed most of her babyhood but I am happy to be able to see pictures of her progress. I am getting excited to see Olivia very soon at my house, big girl traveling alone with Nana, hope she does ok..Love Aunt Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

This post just reminds me of how fortunate I am to be your Mother and the Nana to both of these amazing children. I am thankful each day that you are all a part of my daily life. I am soooo blessed.