Thursday, August 22, 2013

baby no more

Holy smokes...Cecilia's two! Our little spit fire has made these past few years fly by in a flash. What better way to celebrate this occasion than with a Sesame Street birthday party! This little girl jumped feet first into her birthday festivities...starting with her life-size Elmo balloon. Well, actually her sister's Elmo balloon.

Olivia was given this balloon on her first birthday and it is able to be refilled so we kept it just in case our second child would love Elmo the way Olivia did. Cecilia's love for Elmo does not go as deep as Olivia's did, but she sure does love him. When I came home on her birthday with this balloon filled with air the smile on her face was priceless. She spent the next 3 weeks hugging her Elmo balloon and pulling him around the house. 

As always we went all out on the details when it came to decorations and snacks. Obviously my Mom handled most of the food related items, but I made sure that Sesame Street characters were well represented at the party.

My nephew's extremely talented wife, once again did Cecilia's birthday cake. She has been doing cakes for the girls for the past couple of years and her work is AMAZING! I found a photo online of a cake that I liked and she did a perfect replication. How fabulous!

One big difference from last year to this year was Cecilia's involvement in opening her presents. She couldn't wait to tear through each gift. The joy in her eyes was contagious as she discovered what was inside. 

Next it was on to cake! It's a no-brainer that Cece would enjoy her cake. I think what she enjoyed the most was having an audience. My child does not pass up an opportunity to show off...or make a silly face. She is such a ham!

Cecilia's 2nd birthday party can be checked off as a success. My girl was surrounded by those that love her the most...and Elmo. It doesn't get much better than that for a two year old!

Since her birthday Lady Cecilia is doing her best to live up to the typical two year old reputation.Throughout the summer we have been dealing with some difficult behavior. This little lady can be as sweet as pie one minute and the next minute she is raising her hand at you. We do not understand how or why she does this, but I am desperate for her to stop. It has been a long and frustrating process trying to get her to express her anger in other ways, but we are working on it. Cecilia is a very expressive little girl. She never hides her emotions and you can easily tell what she is thinking and feeling simply by the look on her face.

We celebrated the 4th of July in style this year...with a private little family party in our driveway. Step out the fireworks that make the least amount of noise. Step two... put on a firework display designed for a kid that hates loud noises. Unlike her sister, Cece does not seem to mind the loud booms. This little one made enough noise all on her own in her fierce 4th of July tutu!

Our summer has consisted of many other fun activities and milestones. We have spent as much time as possible swimming or playing in the water. A trip to the Splash Pad on one particularly hot summer day was the perfect way for the girls to cool off!

For one week this summer Olivia worked on her soccer skills by attending the Beasley Soccer camp. This week long camp was not only instructional but incredibly fun for the kids. Olivia's dear friend, Aleah, whom she normally plays soccer with, attended the camp as well. The girls had such a great time improving their soccer skills and having tons of fun at the same time!

This has been an eventful summer for our big girl. I have watched her grow and mature so much in the past few months.She takes her hobbies and activities very seriously and works hard to do her best. On occasion Olivia encounters something difficult and has trouble dealing with her frustration. For Olivia the hardest task she has faced so far in her six years is learning to ride a bike. After many tears, scrapes and bruises she finally conquered this milestone and is officially a bike rider!

I could not be more proud of my girl. In fact, we both shared tears of happiness after she took off for the first time without her training wheels. The feeling of watching her take off on her own and ride around the playground was by far one of my most rewarding mommy moments. She is now a pro on the bike and we have taken many family bike rides in the past few weeks.

With only a few weeks of summer remaining we took a trip to Michigan to visit my Grandmother. She is currently living in an assisted living facility and seeing her great grandchildren is just what she needed to brighten her days. Even though she is not currently living at home she still has her house which is a stone's throw away from Lake Michigan. Of course we had to take the girls to the beach to play in the sand and waves. 

We have a few fun places we like to visit when we come to town. A trip to Muskegon is not complete without a trip to the local, old fashioned candy store. Some sour candies and chocolate are the only things my girls need to be in candy heaven! We also enjoyed dinner at the town's best pizza joint...Fricano's! Sitting right on the lake we enjoyed watching the sunset after dinner. 

It was a nice weekend getaway and more importantly it meant so much for my grandmother to spend some time with her great granddaughters. These girls mean the world to her and they can always bring a smile to her face.

School started today! For the first time this year both of my girls will be attending the same school. Olivia is now a first grader and tomorrow Cece will be starting in her preschool class. Although Olivia is in school full time Cece will only be attending 3 mornings a week. On those morning I will get to watch my little ladies walk into school hand-in-hand. I can only imagine how that will tug at my heart strings. My girls are growing up!


Susan said...

wow what a fun and exciting summer you have all had. I can't believe Miss Cece is going to start school. She is growing up too fast. I hope your up coming fall is as fun as your summer.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad you reposted because I guess I missed this one...and I would hate to miss anything about my girls. Loved the party and the trip to Michigan. Olivia is now a seasoned bike rider and first grader. Cece continues to make me laugh daily. Love those girls!