Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Name Game

What is in a name? No one told me how difficult it would be to choose a name for this new little person that will be joining us soon. Knowing that our baby will be stuck with this name for the rest of his/her life makes for a great deal of pressure, resting on our shoulders.
When we first started discussing the topic of names we thought it would be easy. Well...not so much. Not only do Todd and I seem to disagree on every name that we think of. We also seem to have a very different idea of where this name should come from. I have been trying to think of names that are not common, but at the same time not so weird that people think..."That poor child." I have come up with what I think are some very good, strong names. Todd on the other hand seems to think that the name topic is the perfect time for him to suggest some of the most ridiculous names on the planet! Most of these names seem to come from famous sport figures of years past...more specifically his favorite baseball team - the New York Yankees.
So far some of his suggestions have included:
Mickey Mantle Menor
Babe Ruth Menor
Jeter Menor
And if it is a girl...Shaniqua Menor - not a famous Yankee player, just another goofy suggestion.
Very funny!!!
His intentions are to annoy me with his suggestions to the point that I refuse to discuss the topic any further. So most of our name conversations usually last no longer than 5 minutes, before I decide to leave the room. Therefore we have not made a great deal of progress so far. We have about 3 1/2 months left to agree on some names, so I think we better get to work!
Since I have recently been taking some advice from celebrities in the area of parenthood (thank you Britney) I thought I would continue this trend by looking at some names given to babies by their famous celebrity parents...

*Satchel - daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen - did their baby look like a purse when it was born?
*Sage Moon Blood - son of Sylvester Stallone - maybe putting "Blood" in his child's name is a tribute to his Rocky movies
*Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q - son of U2's Bono - why BOB in the middle of all of that?
*Pilot Inspektor - son of Jason Lee (NBC's star of My Name is Earl) - that is just mean!
*Moxie Crimefighter - daughter of Penn and Teller magician Penn Jillette - what????
*Audio Science - daughter of actress Shannyn Sossamon - there really aren't any words!

Although these celebrities are offering a great deal of help (as to what NOT to name our baby), I think Todd and I will choose to go a bit more traditional. The decision as to what names we will settle on is still up in the air. That is why we want to enlist your help. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment on this blog entry with any names that you think we should consider. Whether they are serious suggestions or just goofy names that will make us laugh, we want to hear 'em!
Now for a quick update...I am in my 23 week. Next week we have the ultrasound. Look for some pictures to be posted late next week. Other than that, I am feeling great and looking forward to seeing our baby on a fuzzy black and white screen! Stay tuned for more updates...


Wormie said...

Ok - we already sent you some great suggestins:

Manny Menor
Minnie Menor
William Jefferson Clinton Menor
Hillary Rodham Menor
Miner Menor
Derek Jeter Menor
Mira Menor
Melanie Melody Menor
Brooklynne Menor
Suri Menor
Apple Menor
PC Menor
Wolfgang Menor
Gaye Menor (think of kindergarden: Menor, Gaye)

Kim and John said...

I like.....
Miles Menor
Gavin Menor
Aidan Menor
for serious considerations

Frodo menor
Hellboy Menor
and I am not throwing out any girl names because My gut says it is a boy. If it is a girl, I think you Will do well by naming her after your hero Britney!!!!!

Wormie said...

Serious names:

Kyle Menor
Jacob (Jake) Menor
Keith Menor

Katherine (Katie or Kate) Menor
Olivia Menor

GrannyJude said...

Jude! That's it. Good for a boy or a girl. The child will already have a famous song.

Brian said...

Hmph. I guess my suggestions for Hillary Rodham Menor, Curtis Schilling Menor and Pedro Martinez Menor have been rejected.

So I will give you ingrates just one more brilliant idea

Vita Vita Vega Menor.

You're welcome.

Wormie said...

So I understand that Todd's brother has already used some of the brilliant boy names that I suggested!

How about Max? I like Max. or Alex


Great Auntie Susan said...

Picking your baby's name is the most difficult thing you will do next to giving birth. Your child will have this name for the rest of their life. Be comforted by the fact that whatever name you choose your child will still come up to you someday and say "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO NAME ME THAT!!" Most people hate their names, just like they hate their hair, noses and height!! (Yes Todd I am not happy with my short stature!!!) I have all of the confidence in the world that you will choose the perfect name to go with the perfect baby you will have, good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, naming your baby is the single most important thing you do! Believe me, as teachers this is the honest to God truth! Tim and I took forever to pick names that we agreed upon and that did not bring up horrific memories. My sister is the pro at names (after four girls, wouldn't you be?) Her hall of fame name--Marco Polo Palazzolo. Thank God she has all girls--her husband was truly considering this! On Tim's side, his brother was going to name a girl Phoebe Pappas which I said sounded like a female disorder of some sort. So, please choose carefully--your child and the rest of us will thank you!
Seriously, we vote for Molly or Mallory for a girl--those names sound great(in our humble opinions) with a last name that begins with "M"!
Much luck and love!
(Ben votes for "Ben"! He says it works for a boy or girl!)

Argie said...

Todd's dumb and I hate him. :) How about a strong Macedonian name like Alexander or better yet here are a few of my suggestions

Marko - yes with a K


Hell I don't know. All i do know is that I just hope this kid doesn't turn into a Monolithic Republican Isolationist like is father.

Anonymous said...

I personally like our first choice of Hugh Mungo Menor or Mungo Vaugn Menor.

Love ya...Korrie

Wormie said...

you know, if you leave out the Jeeter part, Derek Menor is a fine name.
And don't listen to Korrie! Hugh Mungo???? You don't want him to be in therapy while he's still young enough that you have to pay for it!!!!

Ok - my final answer

Girl - Katherine (Katie)or Olivia
Boy - Dylan or Nate

Mindy said...

Ok - here are some suggestions from kyle and i:

boobie (miles) menor (boy or girl)
tito menor
osama bin menor (you can only have that if kyle doesn't change his name to it first though)
kevin menor kyle menor kinduell menor
klux menor
why are these all boy names?
how about a middle name of dubya?
ron menor
jeremy menor
or ron jeremy menor
holmes menor
murphy menor (where he was conceived)
or should i say volkswagen menor? :-)
happy menor
napoleon menor
kip menor
dynamite menor
lafawnduh menor
dwight schrute menor
R.G. menor
argyle menor
ken griffey menor jr.
stanley tsai menor
thong lamb menor
benedetta menor (ben for short)
we could go on all day with this
fonny menor
tommy boy menor
cartman menor
jeb menor
jacque strapp menor
leonardo menor
CHEESE menor
biljana menor (as shawn would pronounce it bil-gyna)
michael bolton menor
lumbergh menor
ok enough for now - don't worry we'll be back
are we spelling menor right?

Kim and John said...

Some more celebrity names...
Sunny Bebop- daughter of Flea from red hot chili peppers
Diva Muffin- frank zappa's daughter
Fifi trixabelle- bob geldof's daughter
Sage moonblood- sylvester stallones son
and my favorite Jermajesty, sone of Jermaine Jackson......

Laurie said...

You could consider something that has to do with her conception like Mindy suggested. We almost named our daughter Stoli's. Okay nevermind.

Seriously, I've heard of people naming their children by the mother's maiden name.

Or if you use a first name with 3 syllables then use a middle name with only 1 syllable & visa-versa. It flows better that way. Too many syllables become garbled & then nicknames are born.

Anyway, good luck.

GrannyJude said...

You have very strange friends...especially Mindy and Kyle (but I already knew that). I vote for Adian for a boy, and I like Liana...and someone suggested Mallory and I like that as well. Tell Laurie if you name the baby after my maiden name, the poor child will be Sculley Menor which is just awful. I do agree with the syllable thing though.