Thursday, July 20, 2006

Open Mouth...Insert Foot

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know...when you say something that you wish you could immediately take back. These moments are sometimes referred to as..."Open Mouth...Insert Foot" moments. I know we have all been tempted to ask someone how far along they are in their pregnancy, without officially knowing that they are pregnant. Most of us would refrain from asking, with the fear that the person is not at all pregnant, and saving ourselves from a great deal of embarrassment! Over the past month or so, as I have gotten progressively bigger, it is no longer a secret that I am very much pregnant. It took awhile for my belly to pop out so there was a period of time where I looked quite strange. I would get looks from people, and I could tell what they were thinking..."Is she pregnant, or is she just gaining weight?" These are people that I do not know very well, so they did not know that I was in fact pregnant. And since it was not completely obvious yet, they probably felt strange asking. So I would just get a curious look from them. These are the people who wanted to avoid a, "Open Mouth...Insert Foot" moment...understandably so!

Our baby on the other hand is literally practicing this...even as a small fetus. Just check out the picture below... Yes that is our baby, trying to put it's foot into it;s mouth! How funny is that? I can't blame the baby, as it must get pretty bored in there. It has to find some way to entertain itself for nine months!

So yes...this week we had the ultrasound...and no...we did not find out the gender. We did however get our first look at the face and other important body parts of Baby Menor! According to the doctor everything is on track and looks good. Baby is quite curled up in there right now...which explains why it's foot is so close to it's head. This definitely does not look like a position I would want to be in, but the baby obviously does not mind. Here are a few other pictures. Don't worry if you are not exactly sure what you are looking at. We were a little unsure at first also. But I will try to explain...

This is a straight-on view of the baby's face. It has one of it's hands in front of it's face. When Todd saw this on the screen he immediately said..."That is my nose!" So we do know one thing about the baby...that is has it's father's nose. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

This is a profile view of the baby. It is trying to put it's hand up to it's mouth, working on the whole sucking of the thumb thing.

So as far as we can tell Baby Menor has all of the necessary body parts and organs! What a relief! It was truly a special experience for Todd and I to be able to see our baby for the first time. It is hard to believe that in a little over three months the person that you see in the above pictures will be here! So what do you think...boy or girl? Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they think we having. I on the other hand have no stinkin' idea! The only thing I do know for that in about 12-14 weeks we are going to have a baby and life as we know it will change forever! But in a good way!

Not much else to report at this time. I am in my 24 week and growing daily! My current nickname from Todd is "Large and In Charge!" Here is a picture of the ever growing belly...

I am feeling and doing is good!


Uncle Larry said...

Large and in Charge...Soon you will need a Barge to get you to the hospital...and maybe if it's a girl..Marge would be appriopriate... my guess (although premature) its a boy.Maybe Roge(r) the art-full Dodger would be appropriate. I chose a gift for you guys, please let me know when you get it. So happy for you guys.... you have no idea. It Keeps me interested in the progress and developments. Stay healthy, eat plenty of ICE_CREAM and try to keep those raging hormones in check.Love you dearly, larry.

Wormie said...

Oh Jess! The baby is BEAUTIFUL! I love those pictures.

Somebody needs to tell your uncle that telling a pregnant woman that she'll need a barge is not wise - especially with all the raging hormones! Lar - good thing you're miles away!!! And Roger Doger Menor? I think not.

Anyway, the photos are really amazing and I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to meet the baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello...auntie Korrie here little baby are soo cute already. we are dying to know who you look like and can't wait for your arrival.

Lovingly kick your mommy for us!

K,T,H & S

Jason Quandt said...

If I hadn't become so accustomed looking at ultra sound pics from my wife's preganancy, I too would be a little confused. However, being the expert that I am now!...haha. I can tell that this is DEFINATELY A GIRL! Watch out Todd! God has a sense of humor too!
I can also tell that this kid is going to be cute - which obviously means that she will be taking after Jess. So don't worry too much about the nose quite yet Jess! I would be more concerned about those teenage years (although you still have plenty of time before that happens).
SO Congratulations again! These are the times that really drive home the fact that your life will never be the same again (I mean that in a positive way, and yes Todd - they also try Men's Souls). Yes, you'll have less time to do the things you used to do, but you will also find that you have less of an interest in doing them as well.
I am happy that my daughter and your God Daughter will have a buddy now to play with back in the Fort! :) Moreover, I am happy that my friends are happy!

GrannyJude said...

I see a definite resemblance to you in one of the pictures...except for the nose! I think SHE is adorable, and I can't wait to spoil HER. I agree with looks like a girl to me.