Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's Tummy Time!

Our little Olivia is almost three weeks old already! I cannot believe it. She has come so far in the short time she has been on this earth. Not only is she growing like a weed and gaining weight like a champion, she is working on some of her other skills as her head control. But I will get to that in a second.

Earlier this week we attended a breastfeeding support group with a bunch of other moms and babies. It gave us the opportunity to talk about any problems or concerns we have had as well as meet some other new moms and their little ones. At the beginning of the group they allow you to get your baby weighed. Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear that our little Livie has gained over 1 lb. since we were at the doctor last week. She is now weighing in at 8lbs. 7 oz! I am so pleased with her progress and comforted by the fact that she is obviously getting enough to eat.

We have also been working on her strength by giving her tummy time each day. This helps to build her neck and tummy muscles. From birth Livie has been very good at holding up her head. She obviously cannot do it for very long, but she does it and we are very proud of her. Here are some pictures of her enjoying tummy time. Look at how strong our baby girl is...

Tummy time usually only lasts about five minutes before she gets frustrated with it. But we try to do it each day so that she can continue to get stronger!

Things are going very well. Overall she is a very calm baby, with the occasional crying spell. We are enjoying every moment with her and love watching how quickly she grows. We currently have lots of family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and they have enjoyed spoiling her. It is nice that she is able to meet so many of her loving relatives so soon after birth.

Today is Olivia's three week birthday! Those three weeks have flown by. I hope the next 18 years don't go by as fast!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Aunt Delia said...

Aw! She is precious! So many new things to learn and accomplish! It is amazing to watch them master new skills.
She is absolutely beautiful, and I am so envious of all the family that is there meeting her!!! We'll need to try to get to Indiana sometime soon so that we can spoil her in person!
Till then, keep taking photos! We love seeing them!!!