Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mommy's Little Piggy

Olivia had her first appointment at the pediatrician this past Monday. The doctor wanted to see her one week after coming home to make sure she was getting enough to eat since she is being breastfed. Well no worries in that department! She already weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz!!! I was shocked. When she was born she weighed 6 lbs. 10oz. By the time we went home she was down to 6 lbs. 4 oz...which is totally normal for new babies. The doctor was hoping that at her first visit she would at least be back to her birth weight, so she was very impressed once we put her on the scale! She got a glowing review with the rest of her check-up also. She seems to be on the right track to being a healthy and happy baby!

I am breathing easier now that I know she is obviously getting enough to eat during her feedings. It is hard to tell when you are breastfeeding exactly how much they are getting. Olivia is definitely Mommy's little piggy and hopefully it will stay that way. I want to see some meat on them bones!

Now that Todd has gone back to work Olivia and I are on our own. Things have been going very well. We are getting used to each other and I am starting to learn what all of her little sounds mean. It is not too hard to know when she is hungry, needs to burp or has a dirty diaper. With trial and error I can usually figure out what is making her upset pretty quickly. We have also gone on a few outings this week. After being stuck at home most of the first week, I was itching to get out and do a few things. Well Olivia was a trooper. She slept the entire time in her car seat as I hauled her in and out of the car into different stores. She is a very good baby and seems to enjoy getting out with her mommy.

At this time Olivia does not cry that much. It is very possible that could change but she is not an overly fussy baby. When she does fuss it seems to be for good reason. And after I figure out exactly what she wants she immediately calms down. I know things won't always be this easy but I do get the impression that she is not going to be colicky. Knock on wood!!!

Here are some pictures of our almost 2 week old Olivia...


Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie, less than a week now and I finally get my hands on out everyone, I may not let her go!! So good to hear she is doing well...see you all soon. Love Aunt Susan

Kim and John said...

You are doing a great job mama! By Christmas we wont recognize her! Just kidding. How exciting. Still floored that you are actually a mama.. mourning the kimmy and more kimmy days- sniff, sniff. I feel so old!