Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our First Week

At 12:58pm today our little Baby Olivia turned one week old! It is amazing how quickly the first week has gone. It has been an adjustment but the three of us are doing great! We have had some late nights but overall she is eating and sleeping quite well. It has been so much fun getting to know this little person. We just love watching her little personality bloom and seeing all of her little quirks! Here is what we have learned about our little Livie in the few short days we have known her...

1.) She is fascinated with her hands. When I was pregnant I had three ultrasounds. In each one we would always see that she had at least one of her hands covering her face. And when she was born she came out with one hand covering her face. Well she must be very used to that because by now because most of the time she has her hands in front of her face, or her fingers in her mouth.

2.) She is Daddy's Little Girl through and through. Not only does she look just like Todd as a baby...she enjoys some of the same activities as her daddy...such as a nice long afternoon nap. Here they are taking a nap together...completely dead to the world!

3.) She loves to be wrapped up tight. One thing Livie does not like right now is being exposed. The toughest times are the diaper changes and the sponge baths. She is not a happy camper when she is being messed with. But once she is wrapped up like a sausage, she is a happy little girl!

Each day we are discovering more and more little things about our baby girl. And we are finding that we are falling more and more in love with her each and every day.

Todd must return to work next week so I will be on my own. It sure has been nice having him here. Things are much easier with a pair of extra hands. But I am sure we will be fine. We are going to the pediatrician for the first time on Monday. Hopefully we will find that she is gaining weight and getting enough to eat. Check back for updates on Olivia as it is going to be hard for me to resist bragging about my Little Livie!

Happy One Week Birthday Olivia!


Kim and John said...

She is beautiful and i cant wait to meet her tomorrow!! Remember I am only a call away and can come on my lunch to help you out or if you need a little break to take a shower or such! I am also off at 3, so just LMK what you need!! Hugs mama!

Aunt Delia said...

Keep Bragging! I love hearing all about her and seeing all the photos! She's amazing!

GrannyJude said...

I know I am prejudice, but she is totally amazing...and such a good baby. She gets cuter each day, and she sure does love her hands on her face. I am awestruck by her each time I see her (which is daily!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you! The girls are excited to see your new little sweetie. I told them we will as soon as things settle down a little for you all. What an awesome journey to be on. You two will make fantastic parents. Olivia is truly blessed!
Luv, Diana

Gloria Menor said...

Olivia looks so precious. You are both blessed. Love and Aloha from Hawaii. Uncle Joe and Aunt Gloria