Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lots of Firsts

Having a new baby means experiencing everything for the first time. Not only for Olivia but for Todd and I as parents as well. Todd and I experienced changing the first icky diaper for the first time. Man...those can get nasty! I experienced feeding her for the first time...which was very special. There was our first outing as a family...which included a trip to the mall followed by dinner. Olivia slept through the entire thing! And with our Livie turning one month old this past Monday there are sure to be many more firsts to come!

A few weeks ago we gave Olivia her first real bath. No more wipe downs with the washcloth. You would think that giving some thing so small a bath would be a piece of cake! Well this is no easy task! A four week old baby is still very small and quite slippery when wet. But we managed to get her clean. I cannot say she enjoyed it, but hopefully she will in time.

Olivia is continuing to get bigger and bigger each day. Todd and I are just waiting to see her first smile any day now. Of course she smiles quite often but that is only because she has gas! :)
I have started teaching my aerobics classes again. I am easing back into things of course, but it is nice to be active again. Olivia has been attending class with me. She sits in her car seat at the front of the room and usually sleeps through everything. I cannot say how long that will last but we will do it while we can. I think she enjoys the music. She should since she heard it in the womb for nine months!

Well there are sure to be many more firsts but for now we are just enjoying the every day moments with her. I have been told by many that I better enjoy this time because it will pass by before I know it. Although I am anxious to experience everything with Olivia for the first time I do not want her to grow up too fast!

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Wormie said...

Is it my imagination, or is she starting to look a bit more like her mommy?