Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day was quite eventful this year as it fell in the middle of Winter Blast 2007 in Fort Wayne. Olivia and mommy were stuck in the house all day because our neighborhood hadn't been plowed yet. After some assistance daddy was able to get his car down the street and out onto the main roads so he could go to work. We had a cute little Valentine's Day outfit all ready for Olivia to wear, but we weren't able to go anywhere to show it off. The three of us had planned on going out for dinner as a family, since Todd and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a evening out last weekend, but because of the weather we opted to stay in. Todd picked up some carry-out instead and the three of us enjoyed a nice, quite Valentine's Day in our warm, cozy house.

Even though we stayed in for Valentine's Day I still had to get Livie dressed up in her special outfit. Here is Olivia all decked out in her cute little onesie that says "My Heart Belongs to Daddy!" She complemented that with a corduroy skirt, a white hat with a heart on it and cute little shoes with the words "Love...You" on them. Oh, and let's not forget about the binky with hearts on it.

Every year my mom and I usually make Valentine's Day cookies. I was not able to assist her this year, as Olivia takes up most of my free time these days. So Nana was left to make the cookies all alone. But she did make a few special cookies for us to enjoy...

...what talent! Next year Olivia can assist us in the cookie making...who knows what those cookies will look like, or what mess we will have to clean up afterwards!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your day was filled with lots of love!


Anonymous said...

She is the cutest Valentine ever. She just melts my heart. Congrats also to "Martha", Judy for her beautiful cookies. Here's hoping your weather gets better soon so Olivia can get out and show off her cute outfits!!! Aunt Sue Sue

GrannyJude said...

Olivia is truly the best Valentine I have ever had. The outfit is just the shoes. I think she gets cuter every day, but then I am very partial to this sweetie.

Shannon said...

Aunt Sue reminded us to take a look at your blog...and we cannot believe how much Olivia has grown. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! We both laughed out loud when we saw her Valentines outfit and her grin. John especially loves her arms. I have to agree. :)