Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Calling all moms! I need advice...and I need it quick! If there is anyone out there who has experienced what we are going through please tell me how you got through it.

Olivia is almost four months old now. She is a very healthy baby. She is also a perfect long as she is with me. Miss Olivia seems to be going through a severe case of separation anxiety. I know what you are going to say, "Not possible! She is only four months old." Well it must be possible because that seems to be what is happening. Anytime she is with me she is perfect....happy. Whenever I leave her with anyone else her demeanor changes within minutes. Once she realizes that her environment has changed and I am no longer there she starts crying and does not stop. She will cry so hard that she turns purple and is unable to be consoled. And she does this with everyone; Todd, my mom, and her babysitter.

The reason I am so baffled by this is because separation anxiety is typically something that you do not experience with your child until she is 6 months or older. I have never heard of it happening in babies this young, and nor has anyone that I have talked to about it so far. I have even called our pediatrician, as I am very concerned about her behavior. Based on the way I described her actions they believe that she is experiencing separation anxiety, but of course there wasn't much else they could tell me.

I think that in order for her to get over this quickly she needs to continue spending time with other people while I am not there. But I am afraid that if she keeps this up the babysitter is going to give up on me. The whole situation is a Catch-22! I am hoping that she will grow out of this phase quickly. It is very stressful and difficult on me as I am the only one who can calm her down. That means that I am not getting many breaks and it is exhausting!

I guess I like to think of this as Olivia just being ahead of the curve as far as her development goes. Maybe this means she will grow into a little genius! But I think for now I would prefer for her to stop being so stubborn and start cooperating with those who only want to spend time with her and love on her. Could this be a sign of what is to come with this child?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jess and Todd...Tom and I can weather the storm for you one night. We'll keep her while you go out so she can get used to being left behind. When she realizes her GodCousins can occupy and entertain her, she be better. Maybe she is frustrated b/c she knows you know how to read her and when she is with others, they don't know that sound means she wants to eat...oh and your boobs smell like dinner...hee hee. It's a a few weeks she'll be on to other things like cutting teeth and scooting to what she wants. Hang in there mama! You guys are great parents and she loves you very much. Just think, when she's Simon's age you'll wish all she wanted was you!

Offer still stands, pick a night and we'll tough it out for you.

I know you're probably tired of hearing it, but it will get better. Oh, have you tried sleeping with one of her blankies? Then when you take her to the sitter your scent will be on it and she can snuggle it. Just a suggestion!

Take care of our little God Daughter! We love you all!

Aunt Chris said...

I feel so bad for the two of you!! I know that this is just breaking your heart....I'M AVAILABLE!! PLEASE CALL ME when you need a break...just a couple of minutes and VJ or I will be there. I've listened to a crying baby or two in my day. Just try to stay calm..she can't help it that she likes you so much. She WILL be moving on to bigger and better don't let this get you down..Love you guys and I MEAN at the spur of the moment---we'll be there!!!