Sunday, February 25, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well winter came late this year, but it sure hit hard a few weeks ago! Fort Wayne was hit with a blizzard the day before Valentine's Day...and after all was said and done we were left with almost 9 inches of snow! The whole city came to a stand still for a couple of days and we did our best to just stay inside...out of the cold! Although the snow was quite pretty, the wind was harsh and that made things much worse. The snow drifts were what caused the biggest problem, making it hard to even get down our driveway. Todd spent most of Tuesday coming in and out of the cold as he tried to keep up with the snow with constant shoveling and snow blowing. Olivia and I stayed inside where it was nice and toasty. Once the storm was over we bundled her up in her warm and fuzzy snow suit so that she could get a taste of her first big winter storm.

Nana got Livie this snow suit for Christmas. Although it is extremely adorable I was not quite sure when we would use it. But we have used it quite a bit. I bundle her up in it every time I walk her next door to the baby sitter. It is a great way to keep her warm for the short trip. She just looks like a big, stuffed teddy bear!

Well it is almost two weeks later and the snow is still on the ground. Last night we had a minor ice storm. Not too bad, but enough to make the roads very slick. Needless to say we have had enough of winter weather. We are read for Spring so we can start doing things outside with Olivia. We are very much looking forward to being able to take her for walks and play in the grass. We are also excited to take her to the zoo for the first time. And even though it will probably be awhile she has her bathing suit all ready to go for all of the time we will be spending at Uncle VJ's pool this summer! There is so much to look forward to. So goodbye winter, we are ready for Spring!


Aunt Delia said...

How adorable! She's so tiny in that snow suit!!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia needs to come to sunny California and be with Aunt Sue Sue until spring arrives. So I will expect to see her soon. I am sure you can live without her until spring. She will love the long walks by the ocean and playing in the warm sand!!
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Aunt Chris said...

She looks like a little cute!! Can't wait to see her playing out in the grass and just in case she's not up to the trip to California...Let Aunt Sue know that I'll be glad to come in her place....nothing like a walk by the ocean and a little sand in your toes!! :)

GrannyJude said...

I think I should quit my job and be the one to take Olivia to visit Aunt Sue in California. She can pack her new bikini!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Chris and Granny Jude are both invited to come to sunny CA and bring Olivia with them....I expect to see you soon, I will keep the sand warm for you!!!!!