Saturday, March 17, 2007

Splish Splash

Olivia loves bath time! At first it was not her favorite thing to do but now that she is a bit older she has so much fun just splashing around in the water. Todd gives Olivia her is one of the special things they do together. She is quite the wiggle worm so it can be difficult to scrub her down. And with all of her rolls there is a lot of scrubbing that has to be done! But she is completely content just lying there and enjoying the water.

Here is a video clip of Olivia enjoying her time in the bath...

After she is all clean, Livie gets into her comfy robe. Mommy then takes over and gives her a massage. Then the PJ's go on and we are all done! She has become such a fun baby, and it so great to be able to do these fun things together!

I have a feeling she is going to be a baby that enjoys swimming. We are greatly anticipating summertime because Todd's brother has a pool at his house. It will be so nice to spend the hot summer days over there just floating around in the cool water. We have already gotten Olivia her summer time bathing suit. It is the cutest thing ever! Not only does she have a cute swimsuit but she has a matching terrycloth cover-up and sandals to top off the ensemble! You will have to wait until the summer for pictures!

Here's a quick update...Olivia is now rolling over in both directions! She has only done it a handful of times but she can do it! Most of the time she goes from her back to her belly. She gets stuck on that arm that is so darn hard to roll over. But with some hard work she gets it done! And just within the last couple of days she has started blowing raspberries! It is so cute and the spit just flies when she does it! New things are happening every day!


Anonymous said...

Grandma and I enjoyed watching the video of Olivia's bath. She is too darn cute. We love all of her rolls. I am just dying to see her, I wish it were now...Give her big kisses from Grandma and Aunt Sue Sue!!! XXOOO

Aunt Delia said...

And big kisses from Aunt Delia and Uncle Brian too!
She must blow the cutest raspberries ever!!