Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yum! Yum!

Olivia is officially a big girl! After about four months of existing on nothing but breast milk we decided that it was time to take the next last week we started her on solid foods. The first step is trying rice cereal...yummy! So we strapped her into her high chair and gave it a try. Below are some before and after pictures. You can see the uncertainty of what is to come in her face in the "before" picture. And as you can tell from the "after" picture more of the food ended up on her face and her bib than actually in her mouth.
I know it will take her awhile to get used to it. We have been giving it to her once or twice a day for about a week now and I can already see an improvement. She is swallowing more of it but is still a complete mess when she is finished. She has mastered the action of opening her mouth when the spoon gets close but once the food is in her mouth she is still unsure of how to keep it there. Most of the time her left hand goes into her mouth at the same time as the spoon. Not sure why exactly but she can't seem to take a bite of food without that hand being part of the action! And sometimes she closes her mouth and blows a raspberry which causes the food to spray all over my face! Ah...the joys of parenthood!

Here are a few video clips of Olivia adjusting to her new, expanded palate...

I think we will introduce veggies very soon. I can tell by Olivia's interest in what we eat that she is more than ready to try some different foods. She will reach for my bottle of water and open her mouth when I am drinking. She did the same thing earlier this week when I was eating a banana while she was sitting on my lap. She is almost five months old so I don't think there is anything wrong with giving her a few more options.

We have just entered a whole new world with the introduction of solid foods! I am sure we will see many strange reactions as she tries things for the first time...sure to make for some great pictures!


Wormie said...

How Adorable!

Jess - I can see that you're getting ready to wean this child. What was that? FOUR bottles of wine on the table just waiting for her to get that cereal down? LOL

Aunt Chris said...

Oh yes---the wonderful face full of baby food!!! I can't believe how darn fast she's growing up..Does Todd open his mouth every time he feeds her a bite of cereal? VJ could never manage to feed the kids without his mouth opening at every bite--wondered if it was a family trait. We get to socialize with the little beauty queen tonight and I'm very much looking forward to it...won't be long and we'll be enjoying a nice frozen cocktail...or 2!!!!

GrannyJude said...

See...I am not the only one who noticed all of the wine bottles in the background! When I asked what they were doing there I believe the answer was..."she needs something to wash the cereal down with"...nice.

Katie said...

hey jess, so fun to see little olivia growing up! babies actually learn how to swallow by putting their fingers in their mouth with solids. isn't that weird? that's what the books tell me at least. :)

love to read about you guys!!!