Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Mother's Love

This is a special day for me! It's special because this year I get to celebrate being a Mom. I guess last year at this time I was technically considered a Mom, even though our baby hadn't arrived yet. I received a gift from Todd and some nice cards...but this year it really counts! This year I received a beautiful tennis bracelet from Todd as well as a pencil sketch drawing of myself with Olivia. They were both very thoughtful and meaningful gifts! But obviously the best gift of all is my little Livie!

To celebrate Mother's Day we decided to do some fun things as a family. We included my Mom, as we had some special things planned for her on this special day as well. All of us went to the zoo! Olivia loves the zoo and since we have a season pass we can go as often as we like. It was the perfect day to be at the zoo and we all had a very nice time. This evening we went to a friend's for dinner. Olivia had a wonderful time as there was a little girl there to help entertain her. Overall it was a wonderful 1st Mother's Day!

I always knew that I would enjoy being a Mom. What I did not know is how it would change me. My love for this little person is overwhelming at times! I look at her and cannot believe that she is mine. I did not know that I had this much love to give. It is truly an amazing feeling. Even more, I can finally relate to my mother and all that she went through to raise me. I understand that it is hard work...that sometimes it is extremely frustrating. I understand that I must sacrifice some things that I want, in order to do what is best for her. It has made me realize what is really important in life. I have realized that things that used to take priority, really aren't all that important anymore. But I also understand that being a Mom is probably the most rewarding thing I will ever do in my life. One day I will look at Olivia and be proud of the child that I helped to raise. I don't think there is a better reward in life than that!

But at the same time, today is a day to be thankful to my Mom. It is because of her that I am the person I am today. I owe her so much and I am so grateful for all that she has done for me. I can only hope that one day, when Olivia is all grown, that she will feel the same way about me.

Because I now know what it takes to be a Mom I can finally give the proper recognition to all of the other Moms out there. You are all amazing and should be so proud of yourselves! I hope your day was as special as mine was. There is no other love, like a Mother's love, and that deserves to be celebrated!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! I cannot believe the day has come that we all (not me yet) start to have a family. I cannot wait for my day as well! You have such a way with words and I was tearing up while I read your post. No wonder I had you help me write my papers in college. Ha Ha! Hope to see you soon and Livie as well. :)

Aunt Chris said...

HAPPY 1ST MOTHER'S DAY JESSICA!!! Sounds like you had a great day. By the looks on Olivia's face..she had a pretty good time too!!!

Wormie said...

Happy Mother's Day! It looks like it was a perfect day!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you had a great first Mother's day...Olivia is gorgeous as always...I am so happy you are enjoying your zoo membership... Love Aunt Sue Sue

heather and jason said...

What a great day for the zoo! I was at the zoo too and the weather was perfect. I am so glad you had a wonderful Mother's day! Livie looked like she was having a lot of fun too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess. It has been easy to be a mom and a nana to two such amazing girls. I am so very blessed.
Mom & Nana