Friday, August 24, 2007

Tasty Toes & A Runny Nose

That sums up our week! The highlights of this week included Olivia munching on her toes whenever possible and Mommy wiping her runny nose constantly!

I guess her toes were just more fascinating this week than normal. During a diaper change earlier in the week she couldn't keep them out of her mouth. Strange...isn't it? I have never understood why babies enjoy putting their own feet in their mouths. The thought of it grosses me out actually. I guess it's just another step on their exciting path of discovering every part of their bodies! Here she is enjoying her tasty toes...

Now the runny very annoying. Not just to me but I to Olivia as well I'm sure. As I mentioned before she is getting more teeth. One of her top teeth and one next to that has been working it's way through for the past few weeks. One of the main symptoms of teething is a runny nose. Again, something else that makes no sense to me. Why does a runny nose go hand in hand with teething? And is her nose going to stop running anytime soon? The way I see it is that she still has quite a few baby teeth that need to come in. Is her nose going to keep running until they have all come though? If so I am looking at months of wiping snot...yuck! Well I need to count my blessings because that is the worst symptom we have had to deal with since Olivia has started getting teeth. She never fusses. In fact I didn't even know that she got her first two teeth until they were poking through the skin. So if the runny nose is as bad as it is going to get... we will manage. As you can see from the picture below, even though Olivia is squeaky clean...just out of the bath, she still has snot running down her nose!

Aside from the toes and the nose Olivia has been a busy bee. She is crawling more and more...but still only backwards! She is pulling herself up very well now. I notice that her legs are getting stronger and stronger each day. She is getting more interactive with her toys as well. She now can hold a telephone up to her ear when it rings...what a smart girl! I think she is honing her "talking on the phone" skills at a very early age! She is quite the chatter box and will probably want to be on the phone constantly as an adolescent. Here is a little video of Olivia answering her telephone when it rings...

As she gets older and older she amazes me more and more. Just the other day we were on a walk around the neighborhood. We pass quite a few barking dogs as we walk and each time I say, "Olivia, what does the doggy say?" and I usually answer the question for her by saying, "Woof, Woof". Well the other day while we were playing together I just asked her out of the blue, "What does the doggy say?" and she responded by grunting twice in a row. I had to believe that was her way of saying "Woof, Woof"! I thought it was a fluke at first but after asking her a few more times I realized that she was answering my question and knew that doggies say "Woof, Woof"! How cool is that? You would not think that she would be able to comprehend such things at such a young age. But babies are amazing creatures and it just proves that they know much more than we think they know!

So after a week of tasty toes and a runny nose we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Now if it would just cool off a little bit we could get outside and enjoy what is left of the summer. But with temps in the 90's I think we will just hang out in the comfort of our air conditioned home and play with Livie! Sounds good to me! How can you resist this face?


Anonymous said...

She is a little smartie...a real girl already talking on phones..that will never end..she gets cuter with each picture I see...I love hearing about all of her new tricks..miss you Livie.
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

Ok, the snot is...snotty, but those little toes sure do look delicious!!!
Love, Aunt Delia