Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Bee

As the summer comes to an end we are trying to do as many fun things outdoors as we can. It has been hard to do much outside this summer with the temps being so high. But now the weather is cooling off a bit and it has been just gorgeous. We figured that we better take advantage of these nice days before they are gone!
Olivia has been a busy bee! A few weeks back we took a trip to a lake cottage of a friend of the family. It was a gorgeous day and while Olivia played on a blanket Mommy and Daddy got to to take the jet skis out for a spin. Olivia loves being in the water so she enjoyed splashing around in the lake herself. It was a fun day!

We also recently took Olivia to a beautiful park near our house. Lakeside Rose Gardens is known for their beautiful landscaping and amazing flowers. We enjoyed another gorgeous day as we walked around the park feeding the ducks, playing on the swing set and just relaxing.

Olivia especially loved the swings! I think she would have let her Daddy push her for hours. It is so great to watch the excitement she experiences when doing something she loves. Her smile and laugh are just contagious!

We wanted to try and take some nice pictures of Olivia at the park, near the beautiful flowers. But that turned out to be an exercise in futility. All she wanted to do was pull the petals off of the flowers and eat the grass..big surprise! I tried to catch a few nice shots of her but this was the best I could do. This was after saying "No No" and "Don't put that in your mouth" at least 20 times!

Recently we drove to a small town near us that was having a sculpture display. We heard from some people that they we worth seeing so we took a drive to check them out. They were displayed throughout the small, quaint downtown area. As we walked around the town we were greeted by the life-like statues. They were quite fascinating and Olivia was quite taken with some of them as well...

And today we spent the afternoon at Headwaters Park enjoying "Jazz in the Park". There was not a cloud in the sky. It was a great day to have a picnic in the park while listening to some nice music. Todd, Livie, myself and my Mom all went. We found a great spot in the shade and enjoyed what I would consider "a perfect day".

Since Olivia has a lot of trouble sitting still these days she took turns climbing all over the three of us, as we sat on our blanket in the shade. Here she is tackling Nana as she tries to relax. Nana has yet to realize that there is no relaxing when Olivia is around!

Olivia played on her blanket and had some snacks. She loved the music and would bounce up and down to the songs she liked. She also practiced her walking skills in the grass, which get better everyday. With our assistance she takes some steps. It looks like she is she lifts each foot up very high, before placing it in front of her.

It has been a great summer. We have done so many fun things. Although Olivia won't remember these adventures when she is grown, it will be fun to tell her about them. We also recognize the fact that we are helping along her development by exposing her to so many different things. Taking in all the sights and sounds will help to make her a very smart, sharp toddler.

Now for a quick update....Olivia is just shy of 11 months. She currently weighs a little over 23 lbs. She has five teeth. Two on the bottom and three on the top...trying so hard to come all the way in. She is trying to stand up on her own from a seated position. The babysitter said she has done it, but I have yet to see it for myself. She is taking some steps while holding our fingers but she would prefer to do her goofy, dragging one leg crawl. She is sleeping like a champ...12 hours through the night. And she is on three meals a day of solid food. (I think we are close to being done with nursing...she seems to be losing interest). She is such a great baby...we have no complaints...except that she needs to stop growing up so fast!

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Wormie said...

What GREAT photos! Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time!!!