Monday, October 01, 2007

Front Page News!

Yes...that is our baby girl on the front page of the Neighbors section of the Fort Wayne News Sentinel! She's a star! Every Saturday they have an area in the Neighbors section called "Shapshots". They feature pictures taken by people in and around the Fort Wayne area. You send in your picture and caption and just hope that they decide to use it.
Well they did! Olivia's Uncle VJ took this amazingly cute photo of her this summer while hanging out at their pool. It is one of my favorite pictures of her so far so I had to submit it. I sent it in at least two months ago and each Saturday we would look in the paper...but no Olivia. So we were pleasantly surprised to see her smiling face when we got our paper this past weekend.

In case you can't read the caption under the photo it says, "Jessica Menor sent us this photo of her daughter, Olivia. "We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer, and this is Olivia in her sunhat enjoying a beautiful summer day!" Menor wrote."

I know I have posted this picture of her on my blog before, but it is so darn cute I must show it to you all again...

Thank you Uncle VJ for taking such a amazing photo of Miss Olivia and allowing for her to be...Front Page News!

Later this week Olivia will turn 11 months old! I am having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that in one more short month we will be celebrating her First Birthday! She is a busy baby, doing new and exciting things each day. Check back later in the week for more updates on what Olivia has been up to lately!


Wormie said...

Well, we already new she was a headliner! Glad the paper now knows too!

Anonymous said...

Olivia is always front page news...that was always my favorite picture of her sweet..I am so glad she made the young and so sure to keep her in line though we don't want her ending up like Britney!!!
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Erin said...

As soon as this girl learns to write her name, I want an autograph. :)