Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the season

I'm sure you will all agree...the holidays are a very busy time! Full of fun things like holiday parties, shopping (not always fun), and spending time with family and friends. This year we have tried to start some family traditions that we can continue through the years as Olivia gets older. She is able to enjoy the holidays a bit more than last year, which makes it fun to do things with her. Here are a few of the fun holiday activities we have done so far...

During Thanksgiving weekend we took Olivia to the Embassy Festival of Trees. It was very busy and Olivia was exhausted from a very hectic weekend, so we did not stay long. But she was fascinated by the beautiful trees and the many lights. We hope to take her again next year when her attention span is a bit longer and she is not as worn out! Maybe someday she will even perform on the big stage just like her Mommy did when she was little!

Soon after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree. I was a bit nervous about having the tree up...thinking Olivia would attempt to pull it down, but so far so good. In fact she really isn't that interested in it at all. We keep it in our living room, which we are not in very often. I think she forgets that it is there. We have taken her in a few times to let her explore. She likes to stand up and touch the ornaments. It's funny...she is very gentle with them. It's like she knows that they are fragile, without us having to tell her.

Here is Olivia helping Todd hang her special Elmo ornament on the tree. Yes...we caved and got her an Elmo ornament. Our tree is full of special ornaments from both Todd's and my childhood. We figured it was time to add some ornaments from Olivia's childhood as well. And since Elmo is still all the rage right now we thought it was appropriate she have one.

Yes...I know...she is only wearing one sock. That is because she hates them! She pulls them off constantly. So she is either completely barefoot or in the process of taking them off. I guess we distracted her before she had the chance to get the other sock off this time.

We also took Olivia to the Botanical Conservatory. Not only is the place beautifully decorated for Christmas but on certain days they have live reindeer on display. I thought she would enjoy seeing them, so we bundled her up and went to check them out. They are adorable! They seem to be very calm, relaxed animals. You could come right up to them and they wouldn't even blink an eye!

Santa was also at The Botanical Conservatory that day but I did not think it was necessary make Olivia relive the trauma of sitting on Santa's lap a second time! We opted instead to take some nice family photos of our own. I just love the festive flowers and trees!

Another fun thing we did recently was attend the Christmas photo shoot at the Mom group Olivia and I frequent. They set up about 12 different holiday backdrops and you go around snapping your own pictures. It was fun but I did not have the best of luck getting Olivia to sit still. I was only able to get a few good shots. It was fun though!

Christmas is exactly one week away and we still have lots of fun things to do! It has been great starting some family Christmas traditions with Olivia and sharing some of our favorite Christmas activities with her for the first time.

Before I end this incredibly long post I want to leave you with a quick story. Over Thanksgiving my Mom, my Aunt, Olivia and I went out shopping. We stopped for a yummy Peppermint Latte at Starbucks before heading home. (If you have not had one yet, I highly recommend it!). Anyway, Olivia decided that it would be fun to show off and repeatedly lift her shirt up over her head! I have no idea where this came from but she thought it was pretty darn funny! I told her this was inappropriate and ladies do not lift their shirts up over their heads in public. Of course I was laughing hysterically! She is one goofy girl!


Kim and John said...

OK, luckily my boys live too far away and we cant blame Olivia's want to show flesh off on them. Also the sock stripping- I swear they didt teach her that. LOL! All I can say is welcome to the club.

Aunt Chris said...

She's just practicing for the day that she gives her dad a run for his money...LOL...gear up's gonna be a long haul.

Anonymous said...

I love to see you are starting your family Christmas traditions. She will always love them and wait to do them..Ryan and Justin still like some traditions we do even though they would never admit it now!! There is nothing better than Christmas with children and each year it will only get better.
I completey forgot about the shirt over her head trick, yeah that was very funny and completely entertaining...Merry Christmas to you all. Love Aunt Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

Maybe Livie is starting a holiday tradition of lifting her shirt over her head. Perhaps more of us should do this! She is just the funniest little thing...great sense of humor for a tot.