Friday, December 14, 2007

around the house

Now that it is soooooo cold outside we just love staying in and playing around the house. Olivia can entertain herself for hours with her toys, books and other things that she really should not be playing with. Last weekend I snapped a few pictures of those fun, around the house moments.

Olivia loves the vacuum. She has loved it since was a tiny baby. She comes right up to the vacuums while I am running it and tries to catch it. She is quite brave! Not only does she love the vacuum but she is obsessed with the cord. I caught her getting all tangled up after I walked away. Check out the look on her face! It's like she saying, "No mommy...I'm not being naughty." Shhhhh...don't tell, but I think Santa might be getting Olivia a vacuum of her very own for Christmas!

Olivia also loves her books. We keep them in a big basket in her room. Her favorite thing to do is go in there and pull each book out...scattering them around the room. She takes time to look at each book before throwing it aside and moving on to the next one. After this process is complete she has managed to create a huge mess. But that is what it's all about!

Another one of her favorite things to do is climb in and out of her Elmo chair. This is the chair Todd and I got her for her Birthday. It shakes and giggles when she sits down. She loves to sit in it and then jump out and throw herself on the floor. It is hilarious! Here is Olivia relaxing in her chair while watching her favorite show...Sesame Street. It is one of the few moments during the day when she is completely still!

Nothing is better than staying in on a cold day and spending time with our sweetie! There is so much fun to be had! Now in other update on Olivia's walking. She can do it...she just chooses not to do it very often. I have been concerned because of the goofy way that she crawls. I am worried that her left leg is not strong enough to support her when she is standing. That is the leg that she drags, while she pushes off with the right leg. For the past month she has been standing up, taking about a dozen steps and then plopping back down and getting to where she needs to go by crawling. She can also walk by holding on to just one of our hands...which is pretty good. But at this age most toddlers are walking most of the time without assistance and crawling very little. I know I am probably just being a paranoid Mom but I can't help it. I am going to try not to worry too much for now. We go back to the doctor in February for another check up. If she is still not fully walking by then I will definitely be concerned. But for now I am going to keep helping her get strong on both legs...I know she can do it!

Her vocabulary keeps expanding. She now says cookie, door and when we ask her what Santa says she replies with, "Ho, Ho, Ho"! How cute is that? It only took a few days for her to catch on to that one! She is very good about not getting into things that she shouldn't. When she knows she should not touch something she looks at us and says, "no-no". What a smarty-pants! Every day she learns something's amazing!

Well we have another weekend full of holiday plans. Check back soon to see all of the fun things we have been doing so far...


Wormie said...

Too cute! My nephew was also obsessed with the vacuum cleaner from a very young age. The trick is to get her to love it when she's a teenager!!!

She is just too adorable! hope to see you all soon!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia takes after her mom and her Great Grandma Cleo in her love of vacuum's. She is a smart and curious little girl...I know very soon she will be running and she will never stop. She is one busy little girl. I never worry about Olivia reaching all of the goals about there, she just does them at her pace...Auntie Sue Sue

Kim and John said...

My boys are vacuum obcessed too. I have a suspicion Nanny is getting them thier very own vacs too.
I remember when Trevor was this age, I bought hima MY FIRST HOOVER and he vacuumed for 4 hours straight.