Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hugs & kisses

Lots of those were handed out last week! Not only because we celebrated Valentine's Day, but because Olivia was feeling a little under the weather. She had a nasty cough for good part of the week. Luckily it did not turn into anything else! I cannot believe that this child is 15 months old and has yet to carry a fever! Boy, we are lucky (knock on wood)!

We had a very nice Valentine's Day. My Mom was kind enough to watch Olivia while Todd and I went out to catch a chick flick (thank you honey!). If you are looking for a lighthearted, feel-good movie, check out Definitely-Maybe. It is not Oscar material by any's just plain cute! Since Olivia is still too young to understand Valentine's Day Todd and I did not go out of our way when it came to presents. We got her a simple teddy bear that she hugged and then threw to the side before moving on to the next activity on her busy schedule. I had a feeling that would be her reaction, which is why we did not spend more than $10 on her gift. Todd on the other hand got me a spa certificate, which is just what the doctor ordered! I cannot wait to use it! I got Todd a yellow Polo shirt along with a yellow Polo dress for Olivia. Last year on Father's Day they both wore their matching pink Polo's. Todd already had his shirt and my Mom got Olivia a pink Polo, which made for a very cute father/daughter outfit! I thought it would be fun to continue that tradition so I got them another matching outfit for this year. Check back in June for Father's Day pics featuring Todd and Livie in their matching outfits!

Love has just been pouring out of Livie lately. She constantly wants to give hugs and kisses. A few of my favorites include the running hug she gives to her Nana whenever she sees her. She gets a running start and wraps her arms around her so tight. It is so adorable! She is also all about blowing kisses these days. And a beautiful "MUAH" accompanies each wonderful kiss. You gotta love it! We never say good-bye without blowing kisses to those we are leaving behind.

My Mom and I used to have a tradition of making cookies each Valentine's Day. I got a little lazy after Olivia was born and found it hard to find the time to help decorate, so my Mom has been on her own for the past two years. We happened to stop by her house as she was decorating this year's cookies so I can take credit for a few of them. But as usual my Mom lived up to her nickname of "Martha".

Our Valentine's Day celebration was carried over to the weekend. We had dinner reservations on Saturday night and Olivia had her very first overnight visit at Nana's. This was her first time spending the night anywhere but her own bed. I was quite nervous and convinced that she would wake up in the middle of the night hysterical. My Mom said that if it did not go well she would just bring her home, since we only live a few minutes apart. Well I need to have a little more faith in my little girl...she did fabulously! She had a wonderful time at Nana's and slept straight through the night. I thought she would miss us terribly but she was too busy having fun! That's OK with me because this gives Todd & I the freedom to go away for the night if we want. That is if Todd can stand to be away from her again for the night. He literally was waiting by the door for her to come home the next morning! Man, she sure has him wrapped around her little finger!

Now for a quick look back. Last year on Valentine's Day we were snowed in. We were hit with a "mini blizzard" and we didn't leave the house at all that day. I had a cute little Valentine's Day outfit for Olivia to wear but no one was going to see her in it. So I dressed her up anyway and took her picture. Miss Olivia was growing like a weed back then. Practically gaining one pound per week. When I look back at these pictures I cannot believe how chubby she was! It cracks me up!

She is going to hate me for these pictures one day! Oh well...I think they are cute! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with their loved ones. I have always known that love is a powerful thing, but I never thought I could be so full of love until Olivia came into our lives!


Anonymous said...

Although I did enjoy Olivia's first sleepover, it was not by any means her first night not in her own bed. You forgot all of the places this child has traveled. It was her first night away from her mom, however. I enjoyed the old Valentine pics. I have forgotten how fat this child was.

Jessica & Todd said...

Thanks Mom for pointing out that mistake. Somehow I forgot about all of the places we have traveled to with Olivia! And she has been lots of places! I guess I meant to say that it was her first night away from Todd and I.

Tiffany Leininger said...

The picture of Olivia from last year looks so funny! It doesn't look like her. She has gotten so big! I posted a picture of Elise from last year on our blog too. I just stared at it last night thinking, 'Wow! It's her, but she looks so little!' Time flies, that's for sure.
I have to say your mom is my baking hero! I love to do creative stuff like that, but mine don't turn out nearly as good as your mom's. They're great!
Glad you had a good V-day! And that spa package sounds absolutely divine! Good job, Todd!


Anonymous said...

I have the Valentine picture of Olivia on my fridge from last year, it always cracks me up. I wish I lived closer so Livie could have over nights with me....She gets more adorable with every picture...can't wait to see her again and get some of those good bye kisses...Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

she was adorable last year, and she's more adorable now!