Thursday, March 20, 2008

so silly

So you all know what a bubbly personality Miss Olivia has. She developed a sense of humor very early on and has been making us laugh ever since. My Mom and I believe that she got her sense of humor from her Great Grandpa George. My Grandpa passed away exactly one week before Olivia was born. Although he would have adored Olivia, we believe that his life ended just in time for Olivia's to begin. And with his passing he passed along his sense of humor to our Olivia so that we would always be reminded of how funny and good hearted Grandpa George was. It makes me sad sometimes because I know that my grandpa would have enjoyed knowing his great granddaughter, but we have so many wonderful stories of him to share with her when she is older. In the meantime we take great comfort in seeing part of Grandpa George in Olivia every time she acts silly...which is quite often!

Olivia is always looking for ways to make us laugh. Whether it be the never-ending game of peek-a-boo...where she runs and hides only to pop out from around the corner, or her silly antics in the bath...which involve dumping water on her head and laughing. She also loves to wrestle on our bed...throwing herself down in what she likes to call "body slams". One of her newest games is to tickle us when we least expect it. There are times when her silliness makes us laugh when we shouldn' at dinner, or when she is being told not to do something. To show you what i mean I want to share some pictures of Olivia and her silly self. This silliness occurs on a daily basis, which makes this "mom thing" so much fun!

Let's start with bath time. She loves it! After throwing a million toys in the tub she entertains herself by dumping water on her head and splashing like crazy. When asked to blow bubbles she puts her face in the water and comes up with a big smile, although she hasn't actually mastered the task of blowing bubbles. And it is always fun to play around with her hair while it is wet....

Because Olivia loves the water we are going to start swimming lessons at the YMCA next month. Todd's brother has a pool and she loved floating around in it last year. We want to get her a little more comfortable with it so she can move on to more exciting things in the pool this year. OK, now onto the dinner situations that crack us up. As Olivia has gotten older her dinner habits have become, oh... should I say...less than perfect. There are nights when she eats everything on her plate and there are nights when hardly any food touches her mouth at all. I have learned not to stress out about this. If she is hungry she will eat. Trying to force her to eat is a complete and total waste of time and only makes dinner time unpleasant for all of us. On the rare occasion that she decides she absolutely loves something we are feeding her we get this reaction. This is Olivia LOVING mashed potatoes. She loved them so much she could not contain her excitement and a good portion ended up on her face!

Ahhhh...the joys of feeding a toddler! You just can't help but laugh! And finally I must show you how excited Olivia gets when we play peek-a-boo tag. Popping out from around the corner with the hope of catching me is one of her biggest thrills and produces some of the best smiles and laughs that come from her cute little face. The picture at the top of this post was caught the other night as I waited around the corner. She came around and I snapped...catching one of those amazing smiles. A very high pitch squeal came out with it, as she was very excited that I was waiting for her to "get me".

This game goes on and on, until I am just too tired to continue. It is hard to stop since the joy she gets from doing this kind of stuff is so amazing. This week Olivia and I were own our own while Todd attended a seminar in Indy for work. Needless to say he was not happy about leaving since he would be away from her longer than ever before. But he sure was happy to see her smiling face when he got back. She asked for him many times while he was gone, walking around the house saying, "Daddy, Daddy?" But while Todd was gone Olivia and I spent special mommy-daughter time together. I just cannot tell you how happy this child makes me!

I am so grateful that Olivia is such a happy child. Todd and I really lucked out! Baby #2 has a lot to live up to! And #2 is not happening any time in the immediate future. Although Olivia is so wonderful she definitely keeps us busy and it will be awhile before we are ready to handle another bundle of joy. In the meantime I will occupy my time with peek-a-boo tag and body slams on the bed. Works for me!


Tiffany Leininger said...

How fun! I love the pictures of Olivia in the bath! I noticed that Elise has those same pink jammies with the little princess or fairy on the front! Elise enjoyed looking at all the pictures of Olivia too! She sat on my lap while I read it. The fun times definitely help make up for the not-so-fun times...but like those ever happen!


Anonymous said...

Great Grandma Cleo really enjoyed your blog today and what you said about Great Grandpa George, she even teared up when she read it. Olivia is a silly, fun, smart litle girl who will continue to make us laugh...I look foward to all of the funny stories to come, one suggestion, write down some of the funny things she will say and do, you forget and sometimes I wish I had written some of those things down to remember.
Love Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

Those photos are just precious! I love all of them - though that first crazy hair photo has got to be a keeper!!!

Can't wait to see all of you again soon!
Happy Easter!
Aunt Delia

Aunt Chris said...

She's just too precious. Loved the green beer clip and the gorgeous hair do's. I was hoping you were gonna say that baby #2 will be coming soon!!! Oh well...we will patiently wait. As far as the "body slamming" goes---has she been taking lessons from Jake on the side??? He will LOVE that!!! LOL