Monday, April 14, 2008

almost famous

Last week Olivia got to play the part of aspiring model and take part in a photo shoot! She was asked to model a few outfits from the Matilda Jane Clothing line. If you are not familiar with this local clothing designer you must check out her website! She makes clothes for girls and women and they are amazing!

Let me explain how this all came about. Remember Betsy? Well she was the one who took Olivia's one year pictures. In case you forgot how great those turned out you can re-visit this post from December of last year. Since then Betsy has started her own photography business...Betsy & John Photography. Things have been going very well for her and she recently start doing commercial work on top of portraits. (I highly recommend her if you are looking for a photographer to help you capture a special moment in your life!) Anyway, Betsy contacted us looking for help. She received a job from Denise (the super-creative owner of) Matilda Jane Clothing and needed some tiny tots to help show off some of her amazing designs. I guess Denise had seen the pictures Betsy took of Olivia last year and requested her. That is a huge complement to Betsy and to Miss Olivia! Needless to say we were honored to help out!

So last week we met Betsy at Latitudes...a super cool flower store in town. It was the perfect place for the shoot and luckily enough the weather cooperated. It turned out to be quite warm that day, which allowed Betsy to take many of the shots outdoors and for Olivia to be comfortable in the summer outfits. She got to show off three different outfits and each one was cuter than the next! It was such fun watching Betsy snap shots of Livie as she ran around exploring all of the fun things throughout the store. Olivia found these two plastic duck watering cans and held onto them the entire time. Betsy just ran back and forth trying to get the shots she needed. I was a little nervous about how the shoot would go considering how active Olivia is these days. She can hardly hold still long enough for me to snap a simple picture at home. Betsy was quite tired from chasing Olivia but she thought she got what she needed.

Betsy promised to send me a few shots ASAP so I could share them with my blog readers. Last night she sent me this sneak peek. I was speechless when I saw these. Man...Betsy is good!

Just when I thought my sweet little Olivia could not get any more beautiful I see these photos. I know I am quite biased, since I am her mother, but she takes my breath away! Didn't I tell you the outfits were cute? I guess a few of the photos Betsy took will be featured on the Matilda Jane Clothing website very soon. As soon as that happens I will let you know and will post a link. Denise has shared some of the other photos Betsy took for her on her blog. They are all wonderful! Matilda Jane is in the process of launching a boys line also, called...the Mighty Acorns. I think it is only fair that the little boys get to wear cute stuff too!

This was such a cool opportunity. I will have more photos to share from our photo shoot in the near future. Not only was it fun to have another photo session with Betsy, but it was great to be able to help out a local entrepreneur. Thanks to Denise for making us a part of this project and to Betsy for giving us some of the most beautiful pictures of our daughter!


Aunt Chris said...

OMG--Jessica...those are gorgeous! How lucky we are to have such a beautiful, wonderful, silly, wacky little love bucket to call our own. I cannot wait to see some more of those photos. She's simply the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so beautiful...Olivia is a perfect model. Her personality just shines thru..I also can't wait to see more...Love Aunt Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

How adorable...both Olivia and the outfits. Betsy's creativity and her good eye continue to amaze me. She will have a bright future. I too await more pictures.