Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the simple things

Ahhhh...the simple joys of childhood. One of the best things about being a mother is being able to relive my childhood (in a way) through Olivia. Watching her experience things for the first time and take such joy in everything she does is so great! Over the summer, so far, we have tried to do as many fun things as possible, giving Olivia the opportunity to experience many different things. We have also been spending time with family and friends, which allows Olivia to get to know lots of other people. She really enjoys playing with other children. Over the fourth of July weekend we were very busy and she was able to play with lots of kids.

These are Olivia's friends Hayden and Simon. They are brother's and they are the sons of my very close friend Korrie. (The older boy, Hayden, is our godson). Olivia has always taken a liking to these boys. She calls them "Haydee and Simy". She thinks that everything they do is hilarious and she loves nothing more than chasing after them and watching them do boy stuff. She had the best time at the cookout and even ate her dinner at an actual kids table. Afterwards they all enjoyed popsicles on a hot summer evening. So cute!

That weekend we also made another trip to the zoo, this time with our friend Jason and his daughter Emily. The girls had fun running around the zoo together. Emily is about a year and a half older than Olivia, but they still enjoy playing together. Most of Olivia's little friends are boys so it is good to have a nice girlfriend to play with too. Emily and her parents recently moved back to Fort Wayne from Colorado and we are so happy they are back. We look forward to watching the girls grow up together.

It has been pretty hot lately so we have been spending lots of time at Uncle VJ's pool. Olivia recently got a new swim vest and we had to try it out. She is quite brave when wearing the vest and does not hesitate at all to just jump right in. I am always there to catch her of course, but she sure is confident in the water.

On the days when it is just too hot to be outside we enjoy some indoor time. Olivia loves watching Sesame Street and I caught her in the cutest position on the floor, enjoying her favorite show. Sometimes it is nice to take a break and have some quiet time. As you know it is a rare sight to see Olivia sitting still! Can you see her cute ponytail?

Well as I have mentioned before Olivia is growing at lightening speed. Not so much in weight and height but in so many other ways. She is putting many words together which makes it so easy to communicate. She also started jumping. She loves to try to march, jump and kick, but this week she started jumping with both feet coming off the ground at the same time. I know it is a strange milestone to report, but it is so darn cute when she does it. She has also started saying, "I love you". I will tell you there is nothing better than to hear those three wonderful words from your child. It just melts my heart!

It has been a fun, busy summer so far and there is still more fun to be had. I am enjoying this age so much and taking such joy in watching Olivia enjoy the simple things in life.


Anonymous said...

...and I like nothing more than watching Olivia enjoy our family and your many friends, most of whom are extended family. She is a fortunate child to be surrounded by so much love.

Wormie said...

the photos of Olivia and the boys at the picnic are just so cute!

Sounds like she's having a very fun-filled summer!!