Monday, July 07, 2008

who's your daddy?

I have a cute little story I must share with you. Our Olivia is so sharp these days. She doesn't miss a beat. When she did this last week I could not help but laugh.

Todd and I have a basket in our family room where we keep discarded newspapers and magazines before we throw them into the recycling bin outside. Last week a copy of my Entertainment Weekly was lying on top of the pile. As Olivia was running into the family room she stopped dead in her tracks, pointed to the magazine cover and said, "Daddy!" This the magazine cover that caught her attention...

So yes, this is The Rock (AKA Dwayne Johnson)...not Todd, or "Daddy" as Olivia seemed to think. But I can totally understand why she would have thought this could be her daddy on the cover. He is of Hawaiian heritage, very similar to Todd, so I can see why Olivia may have thought this was her daddy. Hey, there are worse people to be compared to, I guess. He ain't bad lookin', that's for sure! It was a funny moment, that made me smile and realize what a smarty pants Miss Olivia can be. The Rock...Daddy...Olivia may not know the difference on paper, but she sure knows who her daddy is in real life!


Anonymous said...

She is a funny girl...always makes me laugh. She sure does love her daddy.

Aunt Chris said...

WOW---"The Rock"....nice..Todd should be proud!!!