Monday, August 22, 2011

smiles, soccer and struggles

What a whirlwind this first six weeks has been. We have had our ups and downs and many challenges, but overall both girls are doing well and that is all that matters. Cecilia will be 8 weeks old this week and she is growing like crazy! A few weeks ago she weighed in at a healthy 11 lbs. 4 oz. She is packing it on like a champ, just like her sister did during the first few months! I just love chubby cheeks and thighs and boy, she's got 'em!

Let's start with Cecilia's newest accomplishment...smiles! She has been showing off her latest trick daily for a few weeks now. Olivia tends to be able to get the best smiles out of her. More frequently now the smiles are accompanied by sweet little coos and I just love it! I am treasuring these moments since she has been a somewhat fussy baby the past few weeks (more on that in a bit). So when I see her little face light up my heart does as well. I am sure as the weeks pass her smiles and coos will turn into chatter, but there is nothing like seeing them for the first time.

Olivia is still very much in love with her sister. She has been very attentive and patient with Cece, which has been wonderful considering we have had some difficult days. Not once has Olivia complained about the crying or noise around the house. She has been very patient with her sister and I am grateful for that.

We are wrapping up our summer activities and getting back into the school routine once again. Olivia played soccer again this year through the parks department. She showed off her skills at the end of the season Soccer Showcase. She moved into a higher level soccer class this summer and started learning the skills needed to play an actual game. The soccer showcase gave her class the opportunity to play against another team and show off everything they learned.

She is still working to grasp all of the rules of the game and she needs to work on not being afraid to get in the middle of the all the action, but overall she did a great job. She played goalie for a short time during the game and successfully blocked a goal! She was very proud of herself and so were we. She learned a lot about being a team player this season and had a great time in the process.

So with all of the smiles and soccer going on lately we have definitely been experiencing some struggles as well. Cecilia's first three weeks were a dream. Eating and sleeping just as a newborn baby should...and then she woke up! She started becoming more alert during the day and with that the fussiness began. She continued to eat and sleep well both during the day and night, but would be quite fussy during the short time she was awake. Not hard core crying, just fussy. This continued and got progressively worse as the weeks passed. Finally I decided to take her to the doctor as a precautionary measure.

She is now being treated for acid reflux...the same condition her sister had at this age. Since starting the medicine she seems to be doing better. We have had a few rough days, but overall she seems to be improving a bit. The biggest struggle I am still dealing with is keeping Cecilia happy while she is awake. She does not care to lie on the floor or on her play mat. I put her in her swing but that only works for a brief period of time. Unfortunately I cannot sit on the couch and hold her all day long, as much as I would love to. What I am realizing is just how difficult the first few months can be with an infant. I absolutely love Cecilia to pieces but I at times I wish I could fast forward to the six month stage. Is that horrible to say?

Through all of the struggles I often stop to remind myself just how lucky I am to have two very healthy little girls. Olivia is the most caring, understanding and amazing little girl. I watch the way she talks to Cecilia and I see how much love she has for her sister. Cecilia, aside from dealing with some mild discomfort is thriving and that gives me peace. I realize that adjusting to life with two kids is going to raise many challenges. All I can say is that I am doing my best to adjust to being a Mom of two. I am by no means perfect, but I am doing the absolute best job I can. I have realized that it is a learning process all over again. What worked with Olivia does not necessarily always work for Cecilia. I guess for now I just take things day by day.

A few weeks ago Olivia, Todd and many of my family members met in Florida to attend my cousin's wedding. I chose not to attend the wedding as traveling to Florida in August with a newborn did not appeal to me. I was sad to miss the festivities but I knew I made the right decision. I am glad that Todd and Olivia were able to go because they had a wonderful time. Olivia had a blast at the wedding and spent the rest of her time at the beach. It was the perfect little end of the summer getaway for them.

I have much more to share but it will have to wait. My Aunt Sue just came for a visit so she could meet Cecilia and Olivia just started her fourth year of school. Many great pictures to come. Now I must rest!


Anonymous said...

Both girls are adorable and I enjoyed spending time with them so much. I know Cece has had some rough days but she is the cutest ever and she will be fine, I look forward to the next post..Aunt Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

Overall, I think Cecilia is doing just great. All babies are fussy. She is adjusting to her world. You are doing a wonderful job with both of them.

Wormie said...

When you said that Cece was fussy, I wondered if she had reflux. Now with the meds, maybe she'll settle down. She's absolutely adorable, and Livie is a dream! Love those girls do much!!!
Aunt Delia