Friday, September 02, 2011

we love our Sue Sue

Once Cecilia was born my Aunt Sue decided she had to get out to Fort Wayne to meet her ASAP. Well in mid August she flew out to spend the week with us and meet her newest Great Niece. To say that Olivia loves her Aunt Sue Sue is an understatement. She is her BFF and spent the entire week right by her side.

I was going through a very fussy period with Cecilia that week. She was not sleeping very well and she was unhappy most of the time. It made for some stressful days. Having my Aunt Sue around for the week meant there was another extra pair of hands to help with the baby and give me the occasional break. Not only did she relieve me of a crying baby many times that week she also reassured me that this fussy period would pass and things would get better. I do wish that Cecilia was a bit happier during the time Sue was in town, bust fussiness aside she was able to squeeze quite a few smiles out of Cece that week.

Olivia kept her Aunt Sue Sue very busy while she was here. They played at least 100 games of Uno, took a trip to the grocery store to peruse the samples and shop for her school lunches, and had two sleepovers with her. Olivia was sad when her visit was over but happy knowing she would see her again in a few months for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to Sue being able to come back to a much happier baby next time. Cecilia will be five months old by then and much more active.

My hope is that Cecilia will be as close with Sue as Olivia is. I fear that she will not be taking as many trips to California to visit as Olivia did when she was little. I think Olivia has been five times already. Maybe that means Sue will have to fly out to Fort Wayne a little more often. Either way I do know that I will have two girls that love their Aunt Sue Sue to bits!

The biggest news at our house lately is that Olivia recently started full day school. She is now in her fourth year at Peace Montessori and officially a "full day friend". (That is what they call kids that stay at school the entire day). She was beyond excited to start back again, even though she attended their summer program most of the summer. She went to bed extra early that Sunday night and bounced out of bed on Monday morning, ready to start the new school year. I only hope her love for school sticks with her to the end.

This is her third year with Ms. Laura and she is now one of the "big kids" in the class. I have no doubt she will be a good leader for the younger children in the class, but I also know that Ms. Laura will challenge her in many ways.

I am very excited to see what this year has in store for Olivia. She amazes us each and every day with her intelligence, wit and charm. Just when I think she can't impress us anymore, she does it again! This school has been a perfect fit for Olivia. I only hope that Cecilia can one day thrive there as well.

Now for a brief Cecilia update...she is doing a bit better. A few weeks ago the doctor determined that she had acid reflux, just like Olivia did at this age. We now have her on Zantac. It seems to be working but I still feel she is quite uncomfortable at times. At her two month check up this past week the doctor suggested that I try cutting diary out of my diet. She thinks Cece may have a slight allergy to diary and that could be aggravating her reflux. So I am currently trying to go without dairy to see if that helps her at all. She also seems to be suffering from her second little cold. In her 9 short weeks on earth she has had two little colds. Nothing serious...just runny nose, coughing, etc.

The good news is that she is continuing to pack on the pounds. She currently weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz and is 24 inches long. I think as soon as we can get this reflux under control will be out of the woods and onto happy baby land. I cannot get enough of the sweet little baby smiles and coos. Now I am just waiting for the first belly laugh.

Oh and did I mention...Olivia still loves her sister to bits!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet post about my visit. I had such a great time with my two adorable nieces. They are both beyond sweet and I love them both to bits. I was happy to be there to help out and I look forward to my next visit in a few months. I am happy Olivia is loving school so much, I just knew she would!! Love Aunt Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to have both of these little girls in my life. They are also very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in their extended family, both in town and out of town.