Friday, September 22, 2006

Our Last Hoorah!

With the baby due in just 7 short weeks, our time as a care free, young married couple is limited. Awhile back Todd and I discussed taking a trip before the baby was born. We talked about visiting some place we had never been before...taking a nice vacation, just the two of us. Well time sort of got away from us and we failed to plan anything. By that time I did not exactly feel like getting on a plane and traveling a far distance, nor did I feel like sitting in the car for hours on end, just to get to our destination. So we agreed that we would stay close to home but do it up right!

We packed up and decided to spend a long weekend in Indianapolis. We stayed in two very nice hotels in downtown Indy and ate at some wonderful restaurants. We shopped, took a night-time carriage ride and slept in! But primarily we just enjoyed spending some care-free time together...time that we know will soon be hard to come by.

And in other news...I am about to move into my 34 week! The time just seems to be flying by now. Hope baby does not plan on coming too early, as there is still lots to get done before November 6th!

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Wormie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
You both look amazing (Todd looks so handsome in his suit), and I'm glad you had some romantic couple time.

Love you Both!
Aunt Delia