Sunday, October 08, 2006

Final Month of Freedom

Well as I get ready to enter the last four weeks of this pregnancy it has occurred to Todd and I that this is our last month of freedom! With this realization, comes mixed emotions. We are obviously very excited about the arrival of Baby Menor but we are also a little nervous about what lies ahead. We know our lives will be changing, but to what extent we cannot predict nor fully prepare for.

We have been rushing to get some last minute things done, while time still permits. Last weekend we took our final little roadtrip before the due Chicago. We attended the wedding of a close friend I went to school with. It was important for us to be there as so many of my friends we going as well. It is not often that I get to see some of them so we definitely wanted to go and have fun. And we did just that. Even though I could not dance as much as I would have liked to...or drink, at all for that was still a fun weekend. Here is a picture of Todd and I from the wedding. Can you believe he let me sit on his lap? Considering I am as big as a house at this point, I was quite surprised!

And this weekend we attended our all-day baby class at Dupont Hospital. Yes...I said ALL DAY! We opted to take the class for a full day instead of going four weeks in a row. That meant that we were going to jam all of the information into a one day blitz...and a blitz it was! The class started at 8:30 am and finally concluded around 6pm. It was extremely informative and helpful in getting us prepared for the big day, but it was also very exhausting! But I think we are still glad that we chose to knock it out in one day instead of four weeks. We learned everything from the four stages of labor to natural childbirth and medicinal options. We watched some very interesting, sometimes graphic movies of the different types of birth. But all in all I must say I feel a little more confident about what lies ahead. But I am still pretty confident that I am going to turn to the drugs...I just can't imagine what it must be like without them! And I am not quite sure I want to find out!

So the clock is ticking. I guess at anytime I could be posting news of the birth of our baby. Hopefully it will not be too early, but hopefully not much later than November 6th...the actual due date. Stay tuned...


Aunt Delia said...

You look Gorgeous!!!

Yes, your lives are about to change in many ways that you can't imagine. You'll be very tired, and you'll give up some freedoms, but you will gain so much that you can't even think about now. You two are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to meet little Baby Menor!

Love you!!

Kim and John said...

yes!! you finally have some meat on those bones!! Take away all reason and sanity and you will have what lies ahead for the next 18 years!!LOL!!!
I love ya as a sister and am there to help out with whatever advice you need or help or 2 am "why wont this baby stop crying?!?!" calls.
It is a wild ride, but so fulfilling! Cant wait to meet Lil'M. Are you revealing names yet?

GrannyJude said...

I have always wanted to hear you say the words..."I think I will opt for the drugs"...every mother's dream for her child. Where did I go wrong???

Kim and John said...

OK, I just had to say I am laughing my butt off at that statement Judy! Too funny. Yes, Jess, drugs are good.

Aunt Chris said...

I'm so excited to meet this baby that I can hardly stand it!! Your pregnant days are almost over and you do look fabulous. I have a feeling that labor and delivery will not be as bad as you may think. All of those aerobics are going to be a huge asset to you.....but.....opting for the drugs is a good idea!!! Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!!