Friday, October 13, 2006

Ready To Pop!

Ok, so we are down to the final four weeks! Starting this week I am going to be visiting the doctor on a weekly basis until the baby is born. This was my 36 week visit and everything is moving along great. The heart rate sounds good and baby is still kicking up a storm! The kicks have become quite uncomfortable at times, but I still love feeling the baby move. They will begin to watch to see if I am starting to dilate in my upcoming visits. But so far I have not experienced any signs of least to my knowledge. I was told that contractions can start as early as two weeks prior to going into active labor so I am just waiting to feel my first one. I am starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but I think that is to be expected. I find it exhausting just to get through the day. But I am still teaching my aerobics class, which has surprised even myself! I thought I would have to stop by now, but I am still feeling good so I am going to keep going. I monitor myself very closely to make sure I do not over-do it...and it is a challenge to get through my class, but I am proud of myself for keeping up with my exercise throughout the entire pregnancy. I think it will really pay off as I recover from the whole birth experience. At least that is what I am told!

Todd and I are getting more and more excited everyday for the arrival of this baby! Right now we are just trying to get all of our last minute projects done around the house before our time is consumed strictly with the little one! I am still working and plan on doing so up until the last minute. But working from home definitely has it advantages. Todd is on high alert, knowing that he could get a call from me at anytime saying..."It's time!"

But overall things are going great. Now we just sit and wait for everything to start! I can't believe how quickly these 9 months have gone! Mommy and daddy cannot wait to meet you...Baby Menor!!!

Here I am at 36 weeks...


Anonymous said...

You look great, not big at all. You have done so well this whole pregnancy. Soon I will be there holding the little one, can't wait...good luck in the next few weeks. Aunt Susan

Aunt Delia said...

Yep! That's a baby belly!!!!

I'm so glad to hear how well this pregnancy has been going for you. The next month will be uncomfortable, but so great knowing that this little one is almost here!!!

Jess, I can't believe you are still teaching aerobics! You are amazing!!!!

So glad you're well, and can't wait to meet the baby!

Kim and John said...

Still teaching aerobics?????? WOW.