Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Years and Counting

This week Todd and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Since this is the last anniversary we will spend alone my Mom decided to treat us to a special night out. So last Saturday she took us to Eddie Merlot's for a very fancy dinner. It was delicious and nice to just relax and enjoy our anniversary. We talked a great deal about how drastically things are about to change for us. But we are also grateful for the many years we have had together prior to deciding to start a family. We did it up right at dinner too. We had the works! Appetizers, main course, drinks (well not for me...but Mom and Todd sure indulged!) and finally an amazing dessert! Mom thought we deserved to be pampered one last time I guess!

And this past Monday...on our actual anniversary, Todd and I enjoyed a quite dinner alone. It seems all we can talk about these days is how excited we are for this baby to arrive! And in a little over two weeks our wish will finally come true! My November 6th due date seems to be getting closer and closer. I am now visiting the doctor on a weekly basis. This week the heart rate was at 166 and the doctor informed me that the baby's head is downward, which is just where it should be as it starts it's decent into the birth canal!

But as far as contractions go I still do not think I have had any. I was told that I could be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions at any time but to my knowledge I have not. I think to I having them and just not knowing it? But everyone has told me that I will definitely know when I am having a contraction. So based on that, I guess I have to say that I have not had any yet.

Thank you to my hubby for two wonderful years of marriage! I am so excited to start our family!

Here are a few more pictures from our anniversary...

The soon-to-be granny!

Me and my hubby!

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Aunt Delia said...

For someone so pregnant, you really don't look that big!!!

Glad you had a great anniversary celebration! I guess next year Granny will have to babysit so you can go out! :-)