Tuesday, April 15, 2008

featuring Olivia

Now that Betsy has processed most of Olivia's photos from the Matilda Jane Clothing photo shoot they are starting to pop up on a few blogs.

You can check out "Bursting the Bubble" on the Matilda Jane blog and "Matilda Jane Project: Olivia’s shoot" on Betsy's blog.

Feel free to leave comments on both of these blogs. I know that the artists would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I know that I cannot praise them enough for the wonderful work they do in the area of clothing design and photography. They are both VERY talented!

Stayed turned for more pics!


Tiffany Leininger said...

How fun!!! Olivia looks beautiful! The photos are great, too. I really like the MJ clothes. They are definitely cute. I have checked out the website before. Olivia did a great job and looks like a true model!

Anonymous said...

Hi Livie's Mom! I saw these pics on MJC's page and just had to tell you how adorable your little girl is!! I have an 18 mos old too and can't wait to get my hands on some of these goodies!!!