Sunday, January 13, 2008

front page news...again

Our Olivia is becoming a local celebrity! Last week we were surprised to find not one, but two pictures of our cutie in the Features section of the News Sentinel! This is Olivia's second time having her picture show up in the paper. She also adorned the Features section in early fall last year. If you don't recall that post check out...Front Page News - Part 1.

Each Saturday the News Sentinel shows pictures that people in the community have sent in. They are not always of children, but that is what shows up the most because little kids are so darn cute! At the end of the summer I sent in an adorable picture of Olivia in her sun hat by the pool. I was hoping that it would be published...and it was! So for the heck of it, after Christmas, I sent in two more pictures...hoping they may pick one to publish again. Last weekend Todd was flipping through the paper when he noticed Olivia on the front page again...twice this time! Here are close-ups of the pictures. Hopefully you can read the captions...

I just had to send in the "Crying baby on Santa's lap" picture. It truly is priceless! And my most recent fav is the picture I took of her on Christmas Eve, just before we were heading out the door, on our way to church. I sent both of the pictures in with the hope that they would maybe pick one to publish. I am so happy that they decided to publish them both. Just another keepsake to show Olivia when she is older!

Well this past week was a little rough. Olivia had her first official illness. Not bad for 14 months! We think she had a little stomach virus. She was not herself most of the week and on Wednesday she threw up. Luckily it was only once, but I still took her to the doctor. Yes, I am a paranoid first time Mom! But considering she had never been sick before I thought I better get her checked out. Of course she was fine and the doctor said it would run it course. She was back to her happy-bubbly self the next day! It may have been the first time she has been sick and I know it is definitely not the last! We have spent four straight days together since she was sick. She has become very clingy and I am ready to get her back to the sitter tomorrow morning! I need a break!

Tonight we are off to visit the newest addition to the Menor family. Olivia gets to meet her new cousin Ella for the first time! I hope to snap some cute pictures...if Olivia shows any interest in the baby. Babies seem to be only a nuisance these days, so I won't hold my breath! I thought I would leave you with a cute shot of Olivia in the bath robe Nana gave her at Christmas time. She just loves running off in it after we get out of the bath! She is a princess in training!


Anonymous said...

I have this newspaper article up on my fridge, it is just too cute. Both pictures are priceless. I also just love the princess robe, where can I can one?? Aunt Sue Sue

Wormie said...

Your mom sent us the newspaper too, and we were just delighted! Too cute!! And I think Livie's got the princess thing down. She's just adorable!

Kim and John said...

oh so cute!

Tiffany Leininger said...

Wow! Who do you know down at the News Sentinel? Ha ha! Someone obviously thinks she is adorable, and who could say otherwise? She is ADORABLE!! I loved the pictures, esp. the one on Christmas Eve! Congrats! That is so cool!


Anonymous said...

Only a Nana could find a robe for an actual princess! Could she be any cuter in it??? I don't think so. I think Aunt Sue and I should both get one.